SFVI during Captain Commando?

Captain Cammondo is set in 2026.  That’s less than 1 decade out.  The last time we had a game set in a World Warrior Tournament, we were in the year 1999.  Should the next Street Fighter be set in a World Warrior Tournament following the events of SFIII: 3rd Strike?  And should the timeline rely on events in the calendar?  Or just how long it’s been in universe since a prior event.  If we go with the latter, Captain Commando will be 40 years after the original SF.  Otherwise you have the next game coinciding with 1995 Capcom’s sidescrolling Scifi tribute set in a colorful future Metro City.

If in fact this tournament coincides with the events of Captain Commando, AND after the 3rd World Warrior Tournament, should there be 2 story modes?  One featuring the completed tournament, ending on the attack that sets CC in motion, followed by the resulting conflict and various efforts to stop it?  Or should the Battle for the future of Metro City just be the backdrop for the story mode?

And the remaining question is… the roster.  Mike Haggar appears in the background of Street Fighter and Captain Commando.  But he is playable in Final FIght and Muscle Bomber.  And as of Street Fighter V, THe Striders and Rival Schools are CONFIRMED part of that world.  We saw Hiryu, Batsu and Akira from those games in Capcom Fighting All-Stars.  ANd since Rival Schools’ roster is filled with fighters the age of a now-grown Sakura, there’s a lot of room to see where a LOT of fighters have grown and improved since we last saw them.  And since the destruction of Shadaloo, most of the frequently used characters have more cause to retire than do anything else.  Dhalsim and Guile have retired, Cammy is MIA, Chun Li and Juri have had their vengeance, etc.  Meanwhile Alex, Urien, Dudley, Ibuki and others have fulfilled their respective agendas.  So while there will obviously be some new challengers, the remaining question is who to bring back.  Now how to decide?

If we are setting this in Metro City, than there will be scenes between matches that have a LOT of room for returning characters from Metro City titles.  So, maybe half the roster should be from any of the following: Final Fight; Mighty Final Fight; Final Fight Tough; Capcom Fighting All Stars; Final Fight Seven Sons; and Captain Commando.  The other half being native to the Street Fighter Series, Muscle Bomber, Rival Schools, and anything therein that I forgot.  And yes, unused character designs and build-a-fighters should be incorporated.  But if we do this, how do we prioritize who to toss into the proverbial pot?

Well, from highest to lowest priority:
1) Is your journey not yet over?  As of your last appearance, have you not yet found what you are searching for?
2) How many appearances have you made in Metro City overall?  Each game there counts for one, and each game where Metro City is a stage counts for one.
3) What connections (and how many) you have to someone from Metro City, and likewise regarding the Streetfighter Series.
4) Are you the head of an Organization originating within the Street Fighter Shared Universe?
5) In your first appearance, did you have the highest stat of some kind?  (Highest Speed, Attak, AGility, etc.)
6) Were you a boss of any kind?
7) Not counting Card Fighters Clash, how scarcely were you playable?  (this is a “low cards win” arrangement.  If you were Left on the cutting room floor, that counts for more than being exclusive to a unreleased game, which counts for more than being an unplayable opponent, which counts for more than being playable once in an arcade exclusive, etc.)
8) Are there any ship teases, shared themes, or the like between you and another character you haven’t been playable with?  For example, maybe there’s a character who was derived from your one appearance.
9) Are you a part of an organization you do not lead?
10) Are you a background character in a playable character’s story?  Dhalsim has a Student, Mika has a tag partner, Hugo has a family of Strongmen, and Chun Li has a LOT of disciples.
11) Are you currently alive in your series’ canon?  Because I’m not treating Section 8 Final Fight (Revenge, Streetwise) as canon.  If we want Zombies, we can have Biohazard Guest Fighter DLC.

So please post your thoughts on the story premise and the roster in the replies, and your own roster wishlist.


Day of Dark Pheonix

So Fox is about to release another Dark Pheonix project.  Between X-Men the Animated Series, And X-3: What Do We Do Now That Bryan Singer Jumped Ship, will this third time be the charm? And as someone who is not neurotypical, how does a story about supernatural powers generated by the human brain (also not neurotypical) connect with me?  Given that this is a low-budget looking 2nd try (to respond to the fallout over the director moving to make the panned “Superman Returns”) not much.  So what do the following make me think of?

Well, since the movie Dark Phoenix has been pushed back these past 13 years it’s finally coming out, and that means I need to finally get around to something that’s been tickling my teaser for years.  Ask somebody high functioning on the Spectrum, how other people’s brains behave and interact is something I’ve had to consciously study, because none of it is intuitive to me.

What Marvel is hiding about the Dark Pheonix Movie

Source Material from definitive expert

Small Details you missed in the Dark Pheonix Trailer

Well to start, on top of my (Presumably obvious) ADHD, I also have Asperger’s Syndrome.  My Asperger’s (these days called “High-Functioning” Autism) lends itself to visual thoughts. But that’s a high-functioning form of autism. Low-functioning involves nonverbal as one of its symptoms. Who does that remind us of? No one, because Artie has next to no presence outside of Chris Claremont’s run on X-Men comics. But relevant to this conversation, he traded speech 4 telepathically transmitting images as communication.  So how can you use this?  Well seeing as how I’ve pictured things in bar chart since I was a brat, and there are so many forms of non-verbal communication, and this isn’t just mutism like Jericho from Teen Titans.  Since this is a visual medium we can actually incorporate pictures that are worth quite literally a thousand words to accelerate Exposition.  Instead of just relying on long thought balloons and so many text boxes. He can show pictures of Morse code, Incan not messages, and other forms of textless writing. I’m really not certain how connected words are with the visual cortex. So this would have to be explored.  On that note of one thousand words, I invite you to look at the hyperdetailed scripts of Alan Moore.

Next on the subject of being a visual thinker, I’ve wondered what I would do with people’s like Mastermind around. Masterminds not telepath, he does not strictly communicate through psychic imagery. He Taps into a specific targets or multiple targets sensory systems, to create illusions. Would someone with a larger visual cortex intercept that involuntarily and be the canary in the coal mine? Would it strictly dominate their minds or would it completely over take them?  Would they be the only one affected?

And finally we have Marvel girl. A product of the 60s, Marvel girl what’s a telekinetic with repressed telepathic abilities. While she made her first appearance grabbing the future Avenger doctor McCoy and spinning around the room before dropping them on the couch as he threw himself at her almost immediately, later versions had her focus on fine motor skills like knitting and being able to lift what she could lift physically. Now throwing a man even a young man doctor McCoy’s size around might not be ruled out with this. If we factoring that human beings have caps placed on their power and endurance outputs so that they don’t tear their bodies apart, and we did not apply 00 telekinesis, and we factored in digestive, heat-generating, stabilizer and secondary muscles along with every primary muscle and its corresponding power throughout her body, that it’s feasible that she was able to perform that feat without a retcon.


And then let’s talk about the central nervous system. Thinking in pictures when I think of telepathy I type a picture of brain emitting some kind of signal from somewhere. But where? I wouldn’t be the first to examine the concept of neurosurgery and what peace of Pink Matter well activate Supernatural prowess. But I think I’m the first to ask if we look at the entire central nervous system as Brain brainstem and Spine who did be admitted through one’s being rather than projected through the air?

And speaking of isolating the brain and such, could telepathic signals and Emissions be blocked by electing a filter around the brain, something that would not stop physical Mass but wood counter emitted energy like Ingrid bring stuff? Or would you have to also conceal the spine? Perhaps you conceal the field itself. Make it a two layer thing so that it doesn’t Just Bounce the energy back into the person emitting it. That way, they can not immediately detect what you’re doing, and counter it.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMCah8pdcnc


So… will any of this show up in the movie?  I highly doubt it.  Oh well, Sansa from Game of Thrones will be in it.  So there will be something to enjoy.  Now if I only had HBO…

So… About Mortal Kombat “Conquest”

So I recently had Phelan Porteous’s Mortal Kombat Conquest rewatch playlist on while I was working.  And on top of their inability to spill with the “Hard K” motif, it seemed like they were stretched thin to find anyone alive in the Great Kung Lao’s time from the 1st four games, 2 movies, spinoffs, comics and a novel.  So between an hour, and a copy paste feature I found… wow.
Great Kung Lao Great Kung Lao;TanyaTanya;Khameleon Khameleon;MileenaMileena;Jade JadeChameleon ChameleonErmac ErmacHenge HengeKitanaKitanaRain RainReiko ReikoHornbuckle HornbuckleAbacus AbacusEarth God Earth GodMotaro MotaroJataaka JataakaKiaKiaSareenaSareenaShinnok ShinnokQuan Chi Quan Chi; Shao KahnShao KahnReptile ReptileThe Brotherhood of Shadow The Brotherhood of ShadowBlaze BlazeTarkata TarkataShadow Priests Shadow PriestsElder Gods Elder GodsMasked Guards Masked GuardsOni OniReptile ReptileWater God Water God;Fire GodFire GodEarth God Earth GodBaraka BarakaZara ZaraWynd and Rayne Wynd and RaynePterodactyl PterodactylFujinFujinRaiden Raiden, And that’s still not counting them all…

And this is a series based on the success of a live-action movie, based on a 2D fighting series composed of pixilated sprites with human actors.  So there was a lot of the roster openings that could have been done with the original actors.  And around the time of the airing, the hottest action adventure small screen fad was Power Rangers, originally featuring a cast that could fight a lot better than act.  I honestly think that would have been a better casting call.  Of the leads, only the exiled bodyguard invented for the show could do his own fight scenes.  The Mortal Kombat Champion. Needed a fighting double.  And he couldn’t even shave his hair like the rest of the monks at his temple.

I think if they had just gotten Johnny Young Bosch a bald cap and a training outfit and some robes, and focused Season one on him assembling a team to defend Earthrealm after the anointed champion has been slain.  While the established lore confirms he is doomed, this reimagined series could do some worldbuilding while exploring the Great Kun Lao’s lingering impact on Earthrealm at large.  Facilitating a dissident’s escape from the Lin Kuei who goes on to form the Shirai Ryu.  Reiko eventually betraying Shao Khan to Shinnok.  Safeguarding Khameleon’s preparation to move against the Khan.  Slightly feeding Kitana’s doubts in her mission, but moreso Mileena’s suspicions of her sister.  But please, let’s keep that ship tease between Lao and Mileena.

And now the remaining untapped characters I have notes and thoughts on.

Yong Park (There were so many fleeting and minor characters in the Great Kung Lao’s part of the novel that you could spread across season one before Kung Lao becomes Champion, and suddenly has to think of how his halted aging will impact their place in his life)


Sindel (Her spirit could make some appearances, planting seed of their rebellion and inadvertantly giving her daughter and Jade the means to bring her back to her senses later.)


Vapor (Her powers might include longevity, it’s really not explained.)

Li (In the novel she’s in Kung Lao’s wife at the of his life, but it seems that Kung Lao in the book never won.  You can borrow all the links and connections the novel gave him)


Kintaro (His original costume couldn’t be done for the games, but it could at least appear for the background characters in a show, or as a guardian the characters couldn’t get passed until they were stronger, like a power ceiling.)


Noob Saibot (Still an ambiguous mystery by this point.  And usually a pallete swap of either Scorpion, but in UMK3 he has his own powers)

Queen Mai (Prince Goro might be a bit young yet to appear here, but if he’s too young to fight, his brother Duroc might actually make his first appearances outside of the 1990’s.  But making a full on animatronic would financially never be plausible, just look at the CGI used to display the Saurians.
So if you can’t get their Goro animatronic, you have to get a new actor to go with digitally added arms like Sheeva in MK: Annihilation.  And that never would fly with someone like Goro.  We’ve never seen Queen Mai before, and she shares a given name with famous ninja Mai Shiranui.  You could have done a parody of the “Queen of Fighters.”  Preferably with someone exceptionally tall or ripped.  A pronounced fitness athlete, a strength trainer, power lifter, or a Miss Olympia.  Unless you want to bring back the actress to replicate Sheeva.  Though why anyone would want to replicate that film sequel is beyond me)

Shirai Ryu Founder (A Lin Kuei who has an arc to escape to Japan and form their rival ninja clan)

Cryomancer (proto Sub-Zero, maybe the VERY first to wield that title.  The use of those powers would initially be VERY unfamiliar, but come a lot closer to what we would expect by the time of the tournament.  Personally responsible for capturing the runaway dissident Takeda who goes on to for the Shira-Ryu Clan.)

Lin Kuei Grandmaster

Lin Kuei Grandmaster (Might he be ageless?  Would we meet his son Sektor as a human?  Obviously the Grandmaster isn’t immortal, Sektor slew him.  )


Tremor He was only in Special Forces by this point, so he may have been an immortal elemental?  Had he been confirmed as human by then?  I honestly haven’t found that.

Black Dragon Most specifically its founder in this reimagined Pilot, while a small gang that’s a permanent fixture by the end of the first season.  Give a mix of contemporary Black Dragon features into a composite character.  Imports Gunpowder, fights with hookswords, flexible and slippery.  She injures Kung Lao for 3 episodes through poison and dirty fighting while Outworld must turn its focus elsewhere.

And here are some items and aspects outside of characters in your massive potential roster.  Not even counting potential or discarded characters.  You could have even used public domain characters who would fit in Mortal Kombat’s distant past.  But that last one, I would not recommend.  Now let’s look at items and settings they could have explored, much of which they did in some way.

The Various RealmsAmulet of Shinnok Amulet of ShinnokRazor-Rimmed HatRazor-Rimmed HatQuan Chi's Fortress Quan Chi’s FortressNetherrealm NetherrealmPortals (gateways) Portals (gateways)Bridge of Immortality Bridge of ImmortalityFire Well Fire WellHell HellKahn's Kave Kahn’s KaveHeaven Heaven

Now what do I actually like about Conquest?
My top five likes are as follows:

#5 is a Tie between Taja and (to my surprise) Siro.

#4 Raiden and Shang Tsung play well by the same actor.

#3 The sheer ham of Quan Chi.

#2 Shang Tsung and related figures and factions.  Master CHo, Omegis, that Kung Lao fixation, bouncing off Quan CHi (Were they ever actually filmed together?)

#1 Omegis.  Because it’s JUST.  SO.  HARD.  To beat Angelica Bridges’ infectious energy and spark.  They only featured her in 3 episodes, so she didn’t overstay her welcome, but she was almost always an influence in major events within series mythology.

So now what do you think? Have I laid out enough?  Could fans make an independent series based on these? Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

Marvel Anniversary Lemonade

20190410_153705 Marvel Lemonade 2019.jpg

So… I somehow lost the notes I made on the Emerald City Comicon Official Starbucks Drinks this year.  But from what I recall, the Grande Coffee Frappe was named after Spider-Man, and the Grande Vanilla Bean Cream Frappe was named for Captain Marvel.  The Spider-Man drink tasted like leftover milk after sugary breakfast cereal.  Appropriate for a blend named after a teen.  But whether it tasted more like Captain Crunch or Cinnamon Toast Crunch residue, I couldn’t say.  Nor can I describe how that Grande Vanilla Bean Cream Frappe with Coconut Milk, Raspberry Syrup and Mango Dragonfruit tasted… much less memorable.  Mostly just fruit and cream.  Kind of meh in contrast.

So naturally I did what I’ve done before, I made a new drink of my own.  Since there was a landmark film upcoming (you may have heard of it) I figured an anniversary special was in order.  So I looked at the logo they had when I was growing up…



…and I looked at a current logo.  Red with yellow, and white on red.  So something with some yellow, some white, and So.  Much.  Red.  So I came up with a strawberry and banana lemonade.

Version one of the Lemonade features blended 1 banana, 1 strawberry puree, 2 raspberry syrup pumps in a venti lemonade.  Version two is the same, but for 2 strawberry purees, instead.

While remarkably similar, the drinking experience has some marked differences. Version one has less strawberry and therefore is sweeter and goes down smoother.  And I’d say it has ideal texture.  What a difference one less serving of strawberry puree makes.
But the Mark II has a bit more oomph and its thickness and it’s very tart it makes you feel it across multiple sentence. There’s that sense you’re getting your money’s worth with this one.  Ample servings of fruit, albeit no vegetables.

I trust if you’re reading this, that you’ve already seen Avengers: Endgame.  Please tell me in the comments section what your top 5 highlights from the movie were.




Strawberry Yogurt Extravaganza

Image may contain: food

I had a very hard time distilling the difference between Yoplait and you’ll play Lights. Probably do the chunks of fruits in them but the real difference is in the nutritional facts. They’re both low on fat but it’s a light yogurt is fat free and has only one less gram of protein and half the sugars. But it’s 1% less carbs. Makes me wonder what all the other carbs are from.

Icelandic style low-fat strawberry yogurt tastes a lot more like yogurt than it did like strawberry, could definitely have used some sweetener but it wasn’t as harsh on the census as the purest yogurt I’ve had. 31% of protein, 5% cholesterol 10% saturated fat all in only 130 calories. No fiber 9 grams of sugar 10% added sugar 4% total carbs.

And the almond based yogurt was brown, runny, and left more waste on the lid than anything I have encountered.  I tried stirring it to adjust consistency, but the difference was marginal.  It even tasted like almonds.  So I have to say this was the worst nut based dairy substitute I can recall.  But what about nutrients?  17% fat, 4% protein, 12% Dietary Fiber, Vitamin D 15%, Calcium 10%.  So, it’s decent as a side, but not a snack.

Marvel Zombies Vs. Capcom Intro (dedicated to the late Stan Lee)

So it’s a little late, but I have been trying to organize my thoughts.  There’s going to be a lot of entries in this series, that will be too long to post in a single article.  I have to address the ending of MVC 3.5’s story mode.  And determine which changes to playstyle I want.  So how does this fit in to my Mortal Kombat versus Capcom Challenge Series or as a tribute to the late Stan Lee?

Well for the former, I want to shift the command inputs in ways that coincide with MK Inputs.  There’s also the fact that these are rotting people-eating variants of returning characters.  Their win poses would involve eating someone (Pet characters like Ryu are gonna have to sit this one out, or be drastically changed).  Now if this could be published as T for Teen in the comics, then it could be published as T for Teen in a video game.  That was the rating of Darkstalkers Resurrection, and look at all the blood in those animations.  Since Mortal Kombat prefers to save its gore for the end of the match, and this features spreads it out more thinly throughout.  More blood, lower rating.

Meanwhile life and death are really not that big a deal in Capcom story modes these days. And while the original MK Timeline treated death like something optional even when it was canon. Let’s go with middle ground again. This will be an A.I.M.Brella outbreak, with it’s own rules dealing out it’s own damage. Human population will be down to 40%, and dropping. And the team of characters you start with in Arcade Mode will likely not be the same as the ones you end with. In this story, Death. Sticks. She even appears as a Story Mode supporting character.

And for the latter, special attention will be paid to characters personally created by Stan the Man, and the era of 1970s Marvel. That is when the world that he made truly hit its stride in my opinion. And since into the spider-verse recently hence digital release, I’ll also be paying special attention to Spider-Man variant characters plus characters from Marvel and Capcom alike who have a spider motif.  The second Black Widow had her brain inserted into a Super Adaptoid that took the form of its superhuman opponent.  That would be a good option for a CPU opponent.

Examples of Stan Lee originals include adding Ravage 2099 (one of Stan’s later works) to the team of Exiles sent to backup the Marvel heroes in repelling the zombies, that Exiles team being composed mostly of Spider-Men.  Iron Fist getting an upgrade based on the time that he impersonated Daredevil to cover for Matt Murdock (Daredevil created by Stan Lee), and all of the founding Avengers and Loki having roles to play in the main story mode.  Finally have Fred Frederickson II (one of his famous cinematic cameos) from the ending of Big Hero 6 be playable in a DLC pack (see below).

Finally I will be addressing how the X-Men (Also made by Stan Lee) got shafted in the last 2 MVC games. The most special attention will be paid to assessing which non-mutant characters from various X titles could be added to the roster, and which mutant characters from non-X titles would also be added to the roster. Now that Disney has bought Fox, who knows how long it’s going to take to untangle the mess they made who is distributing the X properties and other such. For now this would probably be the best we could get.

This project will extend to imagining DownLoadable Content packages, mostly the rosters.  One of the ideal DLC character roster Stan Lee original characters, Ultimo Stripperella Firestar, stuff from outside of Marvel.  Up to and including Nightcat.  Though I should probably draw the line there…

New Year, New Plans, New Drink

2019 new year fandomfoodie original starbucks free drink blend watermarked 3 banana 16 matcha 8 unbagged mint tea green tea frappe 20190128_152010

January is almost over, and Chinese New Year is right around the corner.  Now that we’ve made our resolutions and we’re just about to go through the last New Year according to one calendar or another, we should be sober enough… to say “Oh, what have I done?”

As for myself, I asked for a venti green tea frap, same as the original Sakuracino was based on.  I then added quadruple matcha, 3 bananas (not my usual 2), and ask them to enter the contents of at least two mint Melody tea bags. Not brewed tea, just empty and insert their minty contents the before blending.  They are no longer carrying protein. So 1 ingredient removed to make one of my recipes impossible in advance. Normally this kind of thing happens after I post one.  The initial taste is (naturally) very rich in banana, though through a filter of matcha.  The aftertaste is a little more mint than matcha, though I’d call the difference marginal.  But at least it’s not bananas twice.  Next time I tried asking for 8 bags Mint Majesty.  I couldn’t get Mint Majesty, but even with 8 bags of Jade Citrus Mint, it was no less dominated by banana, perhaps even more so.  And on that note, a barista mentioned to me that one customer had them insert an ENTIRE bag (paper and all).  So naturally, they remembered me the next time they saw me.

The picture is off because I had to run to my appointment, drinking one of them along the way. Well the whipped cream on the other one sloshed around a bit.  I will try to do another one.  All I had do was order one drink, and fill 2 venti cups with it.  Good for date night, but I’d recommend it for any cons you’ll be attending this year.  Speaking of which, I have an engagement that has come up over Easter Weekend.  And so I will be unable to cover Sakuracon this year.  Figures that it’s also the first year that the area’s local Blue C Sushi will be out of business.  Many have already loudly missed it, I wonder how many will miss me.