One day at Seattle’s Cherry Blossom Festal

Before we begin, let me start by explaining why there are so few (and by “few” I mean none at all) images of cherry blossoms in this report of “Seattle’s Cherry Blossom and Japanese Culture Festival.” The cherry blossoms refer to the 1,000 blossoms donated to Washington DC to honor the U.S.A’s bicentennial in 1976. Which the festival (or Festal, as it is alternatively called) is held to commemorate. It also is a venue to honor and explore Japanese culture. So let’s begin with an activity on site. Here we see crafts created. Or rather, a demonstration of how I botched one.

IMG_1480This is what I was trying to create from clay.


Here are my materials.


Here’s how it’s done.  Press a dent into the ball with your thumb, and then keep pinching and evening the material out, then let it air dry. This is when I was still developing praise for my progress.  It was also as good as I got.  IMG_1479

Only a couple times I made the mistake of placing the wet clay on the table.  But a couple was all it took.  IMG_1481Oh well.  I couldn’t have taken it with me anyway. IMG_1487

There were live performances all day.   The Taiko drumming was so loud that when I recorded my lunch sampling roughly half a mile away, I presumed it would come up on the audio. Hang on Watermarked

There were a grand total of 5 performers on site independent of the festival while it was in swing.  Speaking of swing.  This is probably the best look for Spider-Man I have ever seen.   Functional shoes and eyes that reveal expression underneath.  Cool sounding job too, getting to pose nearby Darth Vader for cash all day.  I naturally emphasized a more passenger viewpoint in all my shots, so if you’d like to see the full Spider-Man, check him out near the Armory at Seattle Center on Weekends. IMG_1523I was originally told that one of these bags held Brown Rice Tea.  Well, funny thing.  That was in one of these other bags.  I was drinking something else.  I learned this after I filmed myself sampling fair fare for my lunch.  Enjoy the video here:

Blue Ninja Shadows (watermarked)

It’s Ninja Time.  Didn’t seem to have much historical relevance (Naruto footage, cough).

IMG_1531I came on a Saturday, but this moment felt like SUCH a Tuesday.  Not that I can’t take care of myself, as seen below.  IMG_1541

Seattle Center has 1 or two festivals most months of the year as part of their Festal series.  I’ll be back again, and maybe I’ll see you there.


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