Script for my National Cosplay Day Video

I’m behind on my YouTube Video for National COsplay Day, but as I add effects to the pictures and record my words (among the 16 other things I need to work on right now) I hope this will tide you over.

Picture of my logo: So on Saturday it was National Cosplay Day.  We used Lincoln Park (not the band) to host our festivities.  There was free food, games, networking, but you’re not here for anything like that are you?  Didn’t think so.  You came here for

Group Cosplay Pic: Cosplay!

Interrupting this fight pic: Before we begin, I should mention that some of these will be available for viewing on my Deviantart account, also called the FandomFoodie.

Random Shot: With that out of the way, let’s get to it.

Deadpool Photobomb: First, We need to Address Photobombing.  Cause the Deadpool Cosplayers seemed to just love that!

More Deadpool Photobomb

Deadpool Punished: I do not like Photobombing.

Vegeta Bombing a man’s Face: As some of you may recall.  …Moving on.

With Reverse Flash: Improvising Smallville Clark Kent, it occurred to me that jackets are even more impractical than actual capes.  The windsheer would cause sleeves would pull against the wearer’s arms whenever moving at High speeds.  Like most Supers in capes tend to do.

Birthday: After the free food was laid out, someone arrived with a birthday the next day, so she brought cake.

Group Beach Pic: Having been to such events in Lincoln Park before, I thought it best to share my learning of the area.

Mermaid Pic: It certainly suited CoffeeNCosplay (on Facebook) here, reenacting her favorite

Superhero Shots:

One last Group Shot:  See you next year.


My top 6 Alternatives to Slave Leia Cosplay

I’m gonna have to agree with Kaley Cucou here.  Slave Leia is too prevalent.  So here are some 5 alternate options to better flaunt your nerd cred and dress up/down for a party.  Next to each is a short explanation as to why any of these stand next to Slave Leia.

In no particular order, we’ll start with Cyber Six

Cyber Six was, for American audiences at least, a blink and you’ll miss it moment.  In her Native Argentina, the original comics ran for quite a bit longer.

Black Canary

Black Canary has had several looks over the years, but most natable is the jacketed one that the Batman Season 4 team used as the template for certain “Extras…”

Mai Shiranui

Mai is probably (in North America) the best known contender in the King of Fighter Franchise.  Her outfit is no doubt a big part of that.  Slave Leia has a lot of variants and parodies.  Mai Shiranui is simply Mai Shiranui.  Unless she’s played by Maggie Q in the movie we shan’t name…

Shadaloo Dolls

The appeal for this is for customizing one simple outfit into over a dozen.  Outside of Cammy, there’s one more for every month on the calendar.  And in SFIV, we got Bison Cammie, which blended here look with Street Fighter’s Villain.  And in SFV, the dolls began forming their own outfits too.

Mortal Kombat Ninjas

And speaking of shifting up you look, let’s look at the Female Ninjas of Mortal Kombat.  All the ways the clearly female designs have shifted over time have created a plethora of patterns to cut.  And in the TV adaptations of the late 90’s there were women like Ruby who wore the more masculine ninja garb, and there have been calls for female cyber ninjas for years.

And finally, we have a 4 way tie.  Why would I have a tie?  Because they’e all from the same series.  Darkstalkers.  Felicia, who’s garb doubles as Anthrocon and Rainfurrest material; Morrigan who straddles (no pun intended) the line between modesty, in that she actually shows very little skin, and sensuosity, making no secret that she’s a succubus.  She’s largely responsible for bringing succubi back into the popular lexicon.  Then Baby Bonnie Hood, Red Hood packing heat.  A cute and innocent garb, that discreetly holds…. deterrents to show creepers who get too close.  She is inspired by the Roald Dahl Poem where Red Hood Busts a cap in the wolf.  Plus let’s not forget the Midnight Bliss versions of these lovely ladies, as seen below.  And Finally, Ruby Heart, who did not actually appear in the Darkstalkers Series, but was a lost design who found her way into the Legendary Marvel Vs. Capcom 2.  This is the opposite of Slave Leia.  Fully covering with a hat, and her chain is armed with an anchor prop.

And that’s six slots from me.  Tell me who you think should be worn in place of Slave Leia in the comments below.

Sakuracon 2016 report Day 0

This will be released in various installments leading up to next year’s Sakuracon, while Day 0 will be released ahead of time while memories are still relatively fresh and the floodgates for next year’s Pre-registration have just been unleashed.

Day 0 (Thursday)

So I got my Special Pre-Con smoothie  IMG_1379and hopped the express bus (see route to the convention center in videos below).  I call it a Pre-Con Smoothie because of 3 factors.  1) it’s relatively quick to prepare and fast/handy to consume in large quantities which is very important if you’re running to catch the last express bus to downtown.  Which I did, and I’ve attached a video from my Seattle stop to the convention center below.  2) It’s got plenty of blueberries and blueberry yogurt, as well as a good meal’s worth of protein.  I don’t get to eat again for awhile, so this keeps me functional, plus blueberries contain antioxidants of a type that serves brain cells in the memory department, so I make this each morning in the week leading to con.  3) It’s purple and contrasts with my green cup.  That’s a very popular color scheme.  Megatron, Joker, Lex Luthor, and of course, the Hulk.  With Morrigan Aensland and Eva Unit 01 not far behind.  It seemed fitting.

The express bus I mentioned only runs so late in the morning.  Hence why I was greeted by the shortest line for pre-registration I have ever seen.    DSC02813 Standing in line for prereg 2016And to think, I only had to stand in that line in the cold for two whole hours.  Time well spent…

So in preparation for this article I’ve filmed the area surrounding the convention center to show first-time guests/attendees to events held within various routes to help navigate to and around the convention center.  Also to show returning visitors areas they may not have seen before.  I know it’s a little bit late for convention goers this year, but conferences and other congregations of the huddled masses take place here all year round.  I hope someone gets some mileage out of it.  And before you mention it in the comments section, yes I need to reshoot these.  I was experimenting with strapping a camera to my body as I moved around.  Holding it in my hand would have been much worse.  Youtube had a feature it offered to stabilize the footage.  I am not going to lie, that did make it much worse.  I honestly expect much more traffic on these videos during National Cannibis Day.

From the express bus past to Juicy Café/International Meeting Place on the second floor of the Center.  For the first one, I’d like to deal with the express bus.  Specifically, what’s around the stop where you get off, and as you head to the convention center.  For this one, we’re going to the Juicy Café and International Meeting Place inside the convention center on the second floor.  Now it’s important to note that there are two different ways to get to our destination from this express stop.  As you can see in the video, one of these cuts through the Freeway Park, built around the eponymous freeway.  That’s a semi-direct path to the convention center, but it misses more along the way.  I point these out in the video.


Now that the most direct route is out of the way, how about I show you a back way I rarely see other people use?  Depending on your accommodations, this might actually be a direct way.  First start by Virginia Mason Hospital, as seen below, then run into the Freeway Park to the convention center, take the exterior stairwell to street level, then run uphill 2 blocks and you get to Plymouth Pillars Park.  That’s really how chock full of green space the “Emerald City” is.  Even downtown you can’t go a couple blocks without crossing from one park to another.  As seen below.

While we’re bringing up Plymouth Pillars Park, we should mention some treats to be had nearby it.  The Park is right up against the Rumba Café and that’s a stone’s throw from Starbucks’s Roastery Reserve, constructed to better educate patrons about the coffee-making process.  Just a block or two downhill, you hit the Starbuck’s that offers specialty drinks for the changing of the seasons and the events currently happening at the convention center.  Every year for the past several years now, they’ve had the Sakuracino.  It’s a white Mocha with Green Tea that I reviewed years ago on my old YouTube.  Seen here:  They have been modified over the years, though.  This year there was a new Caramel drizzle.


The handiest place for attendees to eat is not what is once was.  Last year and in years past, I would walk two blocks from the front entrance of the Convention Center along 9th avenue to a Subway.  Well, there are 2 subways in the convention center itself, plus another across the adjacent Freeway Park.  So what’s so special about this one?  Good question.  This one accepted coupons.  This one also had plenty of seating and is closer to the convention center than the one across the Freeway Park.  So I figured I’d show you how to get to the Convention Center from there too.  As the following video shows, I did my best to seek it out for you, not trusting a hazy memory regarding the surrounding landmarks.  The landmarks themselves having also seen change in years past.  So, not sure it was where I thought it would be (though I should have trusted my instincts) I kept walking.  Finding myself lost I finally asked around for directions, getting some useful pointers from a food truck vendor who operates 10-2 Mondays and Fridays.  Well, what followed was certainly a sojourn and a half.  And here’s what gets me.  The Subways in the Convention Center do not honor Coupons.  The Subway by the Express stop does not honor coupons.  This far away from the convention center is a Subway who’s staff need to call management to confirm that they can accept coupons related to cookies… and no coupons beside that.  Which was frustrating.  But to really sum up my feelings on this… just look at the video below.

And now to share with you something I experienced for the first time this year, the overpass built into the park itself.  I’ve never before actually explored this thing.  Care to experience it with me?

So please keep both eyes peeled for preregistration to open again for next year.  So soon as that’s up, I’ll let you know how Friday went.

Pumpkin Quest Bars

Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Quest Bar touchups (watermarked) copyThis one slipped through the cracks.  I sampled this in march, but now, with Thanksgiving just under a half-year away, this actually feels like a much better time to discuss it.

Now, onto the article:

List of ingredients: When I opened the package I split the material clean through the ingredients list.  Not my best move.  But from what I can glean the looooong list that doesn’t line up well, 1) Protein Blend (Milk, Protein Isolate, Whey something…)2) Soluble Corn Fiber (Prebiotic Fiber), 3)Palm Oil, 4) Almonds, 5) Water, 6) Erythritol, 7) Pecans, 8) Natural Flavors, 9) Pumpkin Powder, 10) Sea Salt, 11) Butter, 12) Sunflower Lecithin, 13) Baking Soda, 14) Sucralose, 15) Annatto Extract (color), 16) Xanathan Gum, 17) Cinnamon, 18) Steviol Glycosides (Stevia).

List of Nutrients: Anything listed as 0 on the package will not be listed here, for the sake of your convenience.  Total Fat 12g (18%), Saturated Fat 5g (25%), Cholesterol 5 mg (2%), Sodium 230 mg (10%), Total Carbohydrate 19g (6%), Dietary Fiber 12g (48%), Sugars less than 1g, Erythritol 3g, Protein 21g (42%), Calcium 10%, Iron 2%, Phosphorus 6%.  I’d be a might cautious having this just any time of day, on account of the significant Saturated Fat and Protein quantities, but consider this.  I got this at Emerald City Smoothie.  Everything on their shelves seems catered to health nuts, weight loss, or athletes.  These percentages are based on 2,000 calorie a day diets.  Athletes tend to take in a lot more than that.  On account of how low everything else is, I’d say this seems ideal for someone physically on the go a lot.

My personal Impression: I got this thing on March 8th.  Boy does it taste like a Thanksgiving treat left on the shelf for four months.  Initially I thought I’d waited too long to get the last one, but nope.  So in this regard, it was very much like eating a Protein bar.  Tough, a little challenging to chew, lots of nutty material under the pumpkin layer.  Not surprising with all the Almond and Pecan in it.  The Pumpkin flavored exterior seemed to contain bits of pie crust, but aside from that, was definitely more pumpkin colored than flavored.  Still, it didn’t have me rushing to a glass of water as much as Protein bars (especially the Double Chocolate “Crunch”).  All in all I would have this over other health food bars any day.  While not many days.  Figures it was only around for a limited time.