Pumpkin Quest Bars

Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Quest Bar touchups (watermarked) copyThis one slipped through the cracks.  I sampled this in march, but now, with Thanksgiving just under a half-year away, this actually feels like a much better time to discuss it.

Now, onto the article:

List of ingredients: When I opened the package I split the material clean through the ingredients list.  Not my best move.  But from what I can glean the looooong list that doesn’t line up well, 1) Protein Blend (Milk, Protein Isolate, Whey something…)2) Soluble Corn Fiber (Prebiotic Fiber), 3)Palm Oil, 4) Almonds, 5) Water, 6) Erythritol, 7) Pecans, 8) Natural Flavors, 9) Pumpkin Powder, 10) Sea Salt, 11) Butter, 12) Sunflower Lecithin, 13) Baking Soda, 14) Sucralose, 15) Annatto Extract (color), 16) Xanathan Gum, 17) Cinnamon, 18) Steviol Glycosides (Stevia).

List of Nutrients: Anything listed as 0 on the package will not be listed here, for the sake of your convenience.  Total Fat 12g (18%), Saturated Fat 5g (25%), Cholesterol 5 mg (2%), Sodium 230 mg (10%), Total Carbohydrate 19g (6%), Dietary Fiber 12g (48%), Sugars less than 1g, Erythritol 3g, Protein 21g (42%), Calcium 10%, Iron 2%, Phosphorus 6%.  I’d be a might cautious having this just any time of day, on account of the significant Saturated Fat and Protein quantities, but consider this.  I got this at Emerald City Smoothie.  Everything on their shelves seems catered to health nuts, weight loss, or athletes.  These percentages are based on 2,000 calorie a day diets.  Athletes tend to take in a lot more than that.  On account of how low everything else is, I’d say this seems ideal for someone physically on the go a lot.

My personal Impression: I got this thing on March 8th.  Boy does it taste like a Thanksgiving treat left on the shelf for four months.  Initially I thought I’d waited too long to get the last one, but nope.  So in this regard, it was very much like eating a Protein bar.  Tough, a little challenging to chew, lots of nutty material under the pumpkin layer.  Not surprising with all the Almond and Pecan in it.  The Pumpkin flavored exterior seemed to contain bits of pie crust, but aside from that, was definitely more pumpkin colored than flavored.  Still, it didn’t have me rushing to a glass of water as much as Protein bars (especially the Double Chocolate “Crunch”).  All in all I would have this over other health food bars any day.  While not many days.  Figures it was only around for a limited time.


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