Football Freebie on Halloween.

Happy Halloween, Seahawks fans. Your local Jack in the Boxes will give you a free sandwich with a large Coke product. Good with another “free with drink” coupon. For that drink price, I got onion rings and a burger and that drink.


Sakuracon Saturday Report

Well, as the month turns, the price for Sakuracon 2017 Pre-Registration is going up again.

Early in the day, the Skits went underway.  Much like the AMV contest, the skit contest is a first introduction to various series and characters I’ve never seen before.  But hey, to my credit I recognized SOME of them.   I’m not that ancient yet.  Am I?

Playlist is here: Double check who won.

In advance to the weekend I sought out vantage points around the convention center to get good shots of the setting sun.  But just like last year, not enough low-laying pressure to make clouds for color contrast.  But tonight, I think I did some good here.  

“Goodnight Seattle” is available for purchase on Deviantart.

Goodnight Seattle by FandomFoodie (print image)

Batman V. Superman on Friday and Lorenna McKennitt on Saturday, what’s next?  (spoiler alert, I never found out)

So I had a problem this year that I’ve also had in years past.  I was not able to make it to the Annual Tea ceremony again this year.  Part of the problem is that the door that has the schedule sign by it that serves as the entrance to various other panels/demos is not the only door into the room.  We (myself and those in line with me) were told we needed to use the other door.  Oops.  Also, getting in line even earlier (like 45 minutes, cause this thing is just that popular) would also have been an improvement.  I waited 2 hours for pre-registration, I can wait longer for this.

Not one but two diferent Bosuzoku stle Sailor Scout groups convened on the Saturday Sailor Moon Shoot.  I got quite a few shots of them, up on my Deviantart page.  See the whole collection and the rest of my Sakuracon 2016 photography here:

Can you say Fan favorite?  These five Celties were captured at the Durarara Cosplay shoot.

And if you see yourself in these shots, tell me below how you think I did.

I held cosplay gatherings to commemorate the world’s first Giant Robot Fight between the Kuratas and Megabots corporations, representing Japan and the U.S. respectively.  And these people gathered at it had no idea it was going on.   Yeah my actual applicants was maybe 1 or two at most.   In hindsight, I probABLY SOULDN‘T HAVE BASED A gathering around something so under-publicized.  Most I mentioned it to, could not recall hearing of it before, and for myself… I didn’t even know where to look to find where to see it.  All of my queries turned up empty, only confusing people.  But I swear it was a real thing.  See more here: .  But back to the gathering.  I had tried to ASSEMBLE Cosplayers from any given Giant Robot Series, while other Cosplay gatherings tend to be series specific and current.  Oh well, live and learn.

This group had only one pose.  No surprise with those wings.  Excellent craftsmanship, though.  I lost their card though, and I would love to credit them.

Still, it’s not like the only thing I did was Capture Cosplay.  I also attended “Fan Fiction Tips and Tricks.”  The attending panelists had several useful suggestions for burgeoning writers.  Such as, which has a nifty function to keep an aspiring author from getting bogged down or sidetracked by editing on the go.  Every time you pause, there’s a nasty ringing sound in your ear.  Got to keep going if you want to avoid it.  Another tidbit handed out was something that sounds obvious, but a lot of people tend to forget.  Cater to your audience, not to your own interests.  An easy trap to fall into.  Also get yourself a Beta.  Someone to Beta test your works before you submit them.  I was granted permission to record the panel, but I was told I would not be permitted to record “Fan Fiction after Dark” that night.  And I get why.  When the kinks come out to play, it’s best not left on the record. Just saying.  And speaking of mild references to twisted thoughts and prose, that cheery thought is exactly where I leave you.  So until the price of admission goes up again, take care.