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In this I’ve taken the claim made by Adam Conover that adding eggs to cake mix was just a marketing ploy, and I’ve attempted to bake a Pillsbury Yellow Cake with just the water and oil.
Original video is here:

Season’s Greetings 2016…

Now you can see my lei.  I gave it away as a gift already.  Those were real orchids, they rot.  So I wanted it enjoyed as much as possible, as soon as possible.  I’m starting a new collection of testing or trying drinkable dairy treats that could be in place of milk.  And I’ll be looking into pastries and other solid goodies to serve in lieu of cookies.  Though you’re probably overdoing it if you offer a microwave dinner in place of cookies, but I think you’d be doing better with that than the milkshake, but more on that in the video.

Attending the GoPoke Grand Opening in Seattle’s International District.…  

There’s a new Hawaiian raw fish (Poke) joint called GoPoke, in Seattle’s International District/Chinatown, across from Hing Hay Park.  I was there on Opening Day, and I figures it would be so crowded that bringing my Tripod along would be impractical.  Boy was I right.  So I had to film with one hand, when I ate with another.  That’s in the second video.  So Heads up.  The reason I have it in 2 videos is that the total video was too big a file for Dailymotion.

Jack in the Box Brunchfest Menu

Brunchfest Sandwiches;
I know it’s standard when promoting burgers to try to make them look better with food artists for ads, then what you’re going to actually eat. But these sandwiches needed no photo doctoring. Though in them I found a quandary. Questionably high protein in so much meat. How much protein was actually needed versus contributing to a future kidney stone or simply washed through the digestive tract?

Homestyle potatoes; Blood orange cooler; Raspberry Iced Tea; southwest scrambler plate with bacon/sausage/both; orange cranberry muffins;
The cooler, while not especially fizzy, definitely sparkles like it was carbonated somewhat. A strong flavor, it was a bit tart, but plenty tangy and sweet. The citrus seems clearly present, but there is an aftertaste… I am reminded of “classier” carbonated blood orange beverages I have had in the past. Containing only 27% real blood orange. I should wonder what percentages this drink has. I wonder with the last sip, if there is any real fruit. I still enjoy it. This option with any meal ferments my impression of Jack in the Box as the experimental and ambitious gourmet among the Fast Food Giants.
While we’re on beverages, you see in the photo that the Raspberry Iced Tea is much larger than the Blood Orange Cooler. I asked, and was told that the size I got WAS the smallest tea size. Those clear plastic cups have special sizes specific to the tea beverages. That was surprising, but what wasn’t surprising was the raspberry flavoring. I could tell be translucency and color that it was syrup, and by flavor (and the trials of mass production) that the syrup was not derived from cooked down raspberries and sugar. And I suppose you’re wondering why I even bothered with a second drink that wasn’t even on the Brunchfast menu. Seahawks Sack offer was not eligible with full platter drink, purchased with coupon. Any Drink must be purchased full price to receive Jumbo Jack, the day after Seahawks achieve a sack on the field.
The orange cranberry muffins had visible cranberries but orange flavor was strongest, and the only evident fruit flavor. I mean, I could see the cranberries, but never tasted them. Also, orange flavor evenly distributed throughout. But they were collapsible and crumbled in the bag after a short walk.
The platter was soggy and goopy. Also you get to see how watery the homestyle potatoes are. Not especially soggy, but not crispy at all. Also, there are 3 options for you primarily meat side beyond the ommelette: Bacon, sausage or both. I ordered “both” to review each separately. As you can see, I only got the sausage, so no matter, I’ll describe that to you. Think of McDonald’s Hotcakes and Sausage. Now, make the presence of any Hotcakes strictly optional. Slightly spiced, greasy, very much the same, though a bit smaller. The platter itself includes sides and a drink. And here’s where I found an interesting tidbit. Beverages and sides from the Brunchfest menu available all day with any other item.
Pancakes were plain old silver dollar breakfast pancake, but no 3 for $1 anymore.
When all was done, I filled out a survey on the back of my receipt, and got a 2 for one coupon for an ultimate Breakfast Sandwich. Cheese, eggs and ham on a Croussaint. Personally, I don’t think the American Dollar is worth much at all, but paying $4-5 for just one of these was a bit much. Worth the price of 2, though.

Arrival Review

I’ve been waiting to write this one, because the very plot plays with traditional linear progression of narrative, for instance we are introduced at the beginning of the movie to a walking spoiler.  Speaking of Spoilers, I’m really not sure how to describe this movie without them.  Which is one reason I waited so long.  By now, most everyone who would see Arrival has done so by now.  But regardless, I will be beginning with the dinner portion of this review.

Before we begin with that, I wanted to test my camera phone against my companion’s.  The one on the left is hers, and the one on the right is mine.

Jasmine Mongolian Grill at The Commons mall in Federal Way (still frequently called SeaTac Mall).  As Mongolian BBQ is primarily self-serve, it can be hard to describe the cooking proper.  Jasmine is a more expensive Mongolian Grill than I’m used to, and has more options.  Typically I just see ordinary enriched wheat noodles, but at Jasmine, I see those and whole wheat and my own favorite, spinach noodles.  However, as I went along the bar I noticed that quite a few of the labels were missing, including one for a sort of mushroom I couldn’t identify.  Good mushroom, I wish I could name it so I could endorse it.  All in all, I’d say most of the food labels were missing but none of the seasonings were missing their labels.  Speaking of which, it was odd that there were 2 containers of garlic on either side of the bar, though perhaps that was because those garlic containers were mostly filled with liquid.

At the actual grill, there were 3 cooks, not the single one that I’m used to, and outside of where the bar connected to the kitchen, there was a 360 degree range of service.  Typically, I see grills like these in the corner of the room.  One chef, 90 degrees of rotation.  There were also plenty of sesame seeds, and I do like to saturate my meals with that.  2 jars of the stuff were waiting for my plate, and one of them was refilled when I got my seconds.

As for the movie, it was marketed very well.  Every twist was effectively concealed before I went to the theater.  Worth the 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Although the grey wash in the filtering only paid off in a dream sequence and one of the visions of the future.  I would be more happy to analyze the artistic choice, but to be honest, I’m just so sick of the color filter effect by now.  It shows up in EVERY MOVIE this century!  With that out of my system, the particular way that they used it was to showcase the way our driven protagonist’s mind was reacting to the language she was learning.  First we see her dreaming and walking into a room of color, getting into a conversation that brings up the question “Were you dreaming in their language?” before we see one of the aliens.  The other is a critical narrative flash forward during the climax.  We’ve seen China as the Aggressor before, but we haven’t seen the situation diffused diffused on a cell phone call that relays a message from the future to reiterate words from the past.   Confused yet?  Now you know why I hesitated.

Let’s begin with the part of the movie where our protagonist (, played by Amy Adams) says she no longer believes in beginnings and endings.  At the beginning of the movie.  We’re introduced to the aforementioned walking spoiler.  “”’s daughter.  We see her birth and we see her death.  Practically Back to Back.  But we then see her at various points in her short life, those very moments interacting with “”’s place in the narrative.  This is, I think the first time I’ve seen this done for a story flow.  It even comes up a different way in the climax.  I mentioned before that during 2 scenes there is a full color display.  This showcases a difference in our intrepid narrative character’s perspective.  By the “end” of the movie she no longer perceives linear time, much like Dr. Manhattan did not in the Watchmen Novel and Movie.   Which is why at the “start” of the movie she says she no longer believes in beginnings and endings, and we see the little spoiler born and dying in close succession.  Which brings another Watchmen coincidence.  Dr. Manhattan’s last line is “nothing ever ends.”  I haven’t thought much about this kind of perspective before.  Maybe that’s a natural outcome.

Well, we’ve waited long enough for me to wrap this up.  I want to see it again, knowing what I do now.  It’s nice to see Jeremy Renner as a scientist rather than a soldier or a spy, because it gives him a bit more range.  Even when he’s surrounded by soldiers in this one.

Starbucks 2016 Holiday Brands

Peppermint White hot Chocolate: I simply could not taste the peppermint.  Just more of the White chocolate.  Very rich and creamy, but If I wanted that, I would have simply gotten a hot eggnog.

Eggnog Latte: 2 parts eggnog, 1 part skim milk, and a shot of espresso.  That’s in a “Tall.”  Larger sizes have 2 Espresso shots.  Perhaps it’s the foaminess, but it seems thicker than your standard eggnog.  The taste is largely the same, with a faint coffee aftertaste.

Eggnog Latte vs. Eggnog Frapp: The Eggnog Latte had advantages over the Eggnog Frapp in some key areas, and rather neatly, vice versa.  The latte has a distinctly stronger coffee flavor with a welcoming coffee presence, while the Frapp has a more pronounced eggnog flavor that only initially betrays coffee taste when you look for it.  Though once you find the flavor, you find it does not let go.  In regards to consistency however, the tables turn.  Due to being partially crushed ice, the Frapp is less dense, but feels like it has more volume.  Plus if it’s too cold for you it takes a long time and dilutes the flavor to cool.  It also carries the feel of more volume and slightly less substance.  Still, the eggnog Frapp had something that the latte did not.  A nutmeg and whipped cream topping that came into the straw last, ending on a bold seasoning flavor.

They also had a Joy Tea available from Teavana Brand.  I asked what that was, and I was told it was a mix of teas.  Which makes me think of Tazo brand Joy Tea, released as a holiday exclusive.  Tazo’s Joy is a mix of black, green, and oolong tea.  This was Teavana’s Joy 2016 blend.  Teavana’s Joy is very similar in flavor, but I’d wager it has a bit more Oolong tea in it that Tazo’s does.

Carmel Brule Frapp: Topped with hard crunchy caramel bits, I admit I had to look up the meaning of “Brule.”  The flavor of the whipped cream apparently had no additives, but the frap itself had a much stronger coffee flavor than I’m used to from fraps.  Still plenty sweet though.

Pumpkin Spice Frapp: A Pumpkin Spice Frapp is, naturally, flavored with a pumpkin spice syrup, instead of actual spice.  Have you tried mixing Pumpkin Spice into a drink?  I’ve tried to flavor my teas with it and I once followed “advice” about preparing Pumpkin-flavored… Ramen.  Long story short, I know it’s hard to mix that spice into a beverage.  So I would expect them to use syrup instead.  And not just because of the Pumpkin green tea I had earlier (…).  Still, when I drink something that focuses on the syrup, it seems like there are in it also multiple conflicting flavors, just like the spice.  I wonder if it is a mix of syrups.  Or if there’s somehow real pumpkin pie spice in it.  Either way, it was still plainly distinct from actual pumpkin spice atop the unflavored whipped cream.  Definitely sweeter.

Snowman Cake Pop vs. Peppermint Brownie.  The snowman was vanilla flavored, and frosted to feature the button eyes and smile of a snowman, with an orange carrot nose.  The peppermint brownie is white frosted brownie with crumbled candy cane coating and it’s honestly hard to tell if this is the same brownie as the rest of the year, or something with a bit more peppermint flavoring, either way it’s still an improvement to my taste.  The Peppermint Brownie pop comes on a custom red swirled stick, not the plain white stick that the other four have.  Not consequential for the eating experience, but it’s a touch I like.  I noticed that the regular flavors that I covered here:… were not available for purchase when these were out.  Oh well.