Confronting the cultural Barriers to Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat.

A few years back, Fighterpedia did a video about how to make a Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter Game.  The Video is here:
At 3:18 and 8:28 barriers keeping this crossover from ever happening are addressed and discussed.  Also, Mugen and its ilk have been allowing Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter Characters to do battle online for years now.  All this got me thinking.  If consumer demand is high, and the barriers are all cultural, how do we make a product that circumvents those barriers?

OK, before we do anything else, we’ve got to address the only other Mortal Kombat crossover game, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.  This is the elephant in the room, it is the game that shall not be named, but it is also the game that MUST be named.  I must isolate and highlite how this mistrustful convergence sabotaged itself, and look for ways to avoid the same mistakes that came to embody that game.  The latter will not be easy.  They made a lot of the same moves that I would have.  Converging storylines, periodic teases of things to come in the next Mortal Kombat game (particularly in character design and Quan Chi’s relation to other characters), and Fatality alternatives, although I would only change striking someone when they’re clearly too dizzy to stand.  I endorse ending opponents with a finisher rather than just a rebranded Fatality.  But before anyone starts a flame war, let’s make something clear.  I endured both story modes to get this right, and I hope you appreciate that.

Meanwhile, Marvel vs. Capcom Also has some culture clash lessons to learn from.  Typically, Western media goes for a much more “Serious Business” vibe, which translated to a considerably higher tier roster.  But the relatively oddball and eclectic nature of Capcom games and the Japanese popular culture they inhabit made the Capcom fighter’s much more dynamic, unpredictable and versatile in nature and moveset.  Anything from blowing minds to coming at opposing players sideways (no pun intended).

Guest Fighters: Maybe there are a handful of Mortal Kombat Kharacters who could appear in Street Fighter or Tekken r the Like.  Certainl in Killer Instinct.  The Cage Family, Mokap Man, Anyone sorely needing a redesign like Li Mei.  The Cage family has some Friendships and their fatalities could be converted into more SF Style ways of beating on a dead player while still being recognized.  Mokap Man has none of the infamous Fatalities that scares Capcom away.  Li Mei is basically a pallet swap of Marvel’s Elektra Natchios.  Marvel’s clearly not too scary for Capcom.

Experimental vs. Game: If we could find a game company either eager to try new MA things or who just don’t care anymore about the gaming products in their franchises.  Konami we’re looking at you.  Between just the Metal Gears (and their corresponding snakes) with any original characters from your Ninja Turtles games and your own long-neglected fighting games, you have enough.

And after crawling has leg to leg strength to stand and walk, running must commence before flight.  A Capcom Style Crossover with Capcom, not simply Street Fighter.



Eligibilty roster: What follows are 50+ checkpoints across vital and specific categories to determine how well a Capcom character meshes with ongoing trends and themes found within Mortal Kombat Franchise, as well as who would be the least jarring to see in fatalities, and who would provide the most entertaining character interaction and combat mechanics.  To submit your suggestions, please copy and fill out the questionnaire below.  Every character needs to have their name and the odd blank slot filled out.  If something does not apply, please do not submit it below, the checklist will already be quite long.

Character name:


Style: This is where playstyle and small touches go.   You can fit in look and mythology and fatality in other categories, but this is also essential.  It’s also where there is the greatest difference between Mortal Kombat and Capcom Versus series.

  1. Does this character have an expy with their own move set? 1 Point.
  2. Has multiple Stances? 1 Point for each, list them here:
  3. Has a design feature that couldn’t be supported with available technology when they were in use? ½ point: Specify:
  4. Do you use a sword? 1 point
  5. Do you perform Sorcery or any other magical art? 1 Point
  6. Have you ever taken on another character’s Moveset? ½ point for each.
  7. Have you ever taken on another character’s appearance or apparel? ½ point for each.
  8. ½ point for every time this character has appeared as an assist.

Visual Design: How well does the design here mesh with established MK motifs?  When vs. games (and other media) come together, oftentimes it is the differences between the respective sets of designs that make the two clashing designs, well, clash so well.  But here we’re trying to look for similarities to help two wildly different developers approach each other’s comfort zones.

  1. ONLY if this character is a discarded design, ½ point for every game that utilizes characters from the installment this design was intended for. Example, King Rasta Mon from Slam Masters is a discarded character design of Blanka, from the original Street Fighter 2, so any games with a Street Fighter 2 character give him a half a point.  But he’s a rare case, most discarded designs stay discarded.  This lets the ones on paper compete with the rest.
  2. Are you fully covered in fur, feathers,scales, etc. ?  1 point.
  3. Is the character model only half covered or so in something not human skin? ½ point.
  4. Originally using a Live-actor screen capture animation? 1 point.
  5. Has ever been cyberized and playable in or out of canon? 1 point.
  6. Does it have any particular organs or limbs replaced with machinery or something else, with nothing else? 1 point.
  7. Has a playable mechanized doppleganer (such as Zero Gouki or Metal Zangief)? 1 Point.
  8. Has Capcom created a playable expy of this character with a distinct moveset? 1 point.
  9. Has another character as a pallet swap? 1 point
  10. Is another character a head Swap? 1 point
  11. Is another character a drawn over replacement? 1 Point
  12. Is this character an expy of a preexisting character? 1 Point.
  13. Is this character a parody or a semi clone of another character? ½ point for each.


  1. Does this character possess any relation to souls? 1 point
  2. Have they ever taken control of someone’s mind? 1 Point.
  3. Have they created another character outside of reproduction? 1 Point for each
  4. Was that Character Playable? 1 Point for each.


  1. Has ever been part of an organized faction? 1 point for each List them Here:
  2. Is vengeance a driving factor in their decisions?
  3. Do you or have you ever solely lived for vengeance? 1 Point
  4. Do they sell everyone and everything for the highest bidder? 1 Point.
  5. Do they sell everyone and everything for their own agenda? 1 point.
  6. Do you possess undying loyalty? 1 Point.
  7. Are you a villain: 1 point
  8. Is a present/former assassin? 1 point
  9. Brainwashed? 1 Point.


  1. Has your Character only been playable once outside of Card Fighters Clash? 1 point.
  2. Has only been playable once counting Card Fighter’s Clash? 1 Point.
  3. Has Capcom made it clear they have no plans to bring this character back in any way?
  4. Has management from within Capcom expressed disdain for said character or native franchise?
  5. Has the development team that created and guided said character disbanded with no hope of return?
  6. Has this character never been seen outside of their native franchise? 1 point.
  7. Did this franchise have a failed attempt at a reboot? 1 point
  8. ½ points for every five years since the latest installment in their native FRANCHISE.
  9. ½ point for every five years since the last installment in their native series (counting Street Fighter Zero and III as separate series).
  10. ½ point for every five years since this character was ever playable in anything.
  11. Did their franchise get sent to foreign divisions/developers and receive a failed reboot attempt? 1 point for each such attempt.  ½ point for every 5 years since this character’s last appearance in any Capcom game made by Capcom hands.


  1. Do you already possess an animation for attacking a defeated opponent?
  2. 1 point for each move or other animation that features blood.
  3. 1 point for having a unique physical relation/reaction to blood (i.e. getting stronger from it, or being made of mobile fluids indistinguishable from it).
  4. Has ever killed anyone confirmed by canon, counting mooks and stray passersby? 1 Point for each, list them here:
  5. 1 point for being emotionally drawn to or excited by it.
  6. 1 point for being bloodied in each post-fight still.
  7. 1 Point for each time the Continue button stayed off a death animation.
  8. ½ point for every finisher you’ve been exposed to.
  9. ½ point for every fatality (or Psuedo-fatality) you’ve experienced in prior games, released or otherwise.

Crossover appeal

  1. For each time you’ve been a Guest fighter, 1 Point
  2. Uses Ice in any attacks? 1 Point
  3. Share a name or a theme reflected in your name with anyone from Mortal Kombat? 1 point
  4. Do you have a move that utilizes chains/ chords or anything that pulls your opponent towards you? 1 point
  5. Are you a religious figure like a monk, past or present? 1 point.
  6. Is this a ninja, or ever was? 1 Point.
  7. Are you currently dead or have you ever been? 1 point
  8. Are you some form of living dead or have you ever been? 1 point
  9. Do you have a way to come back to life you’ve yet to use? ½ point.
  10. Are you any sort of demon seen in Mortal Kombat already (Vampire, part cat or dragon, etc)? 1 Point
  11. Are you from a realm humanity is not native to? 1 Point
  12. For each fan production pitting you against a Mortal Kombat Kharacter, 1 point.
  13. For every written piece or fan fic of said productions, pitting you against a Kharacter, ½ point.

And now, we have to address the other Elephant in the Room.  Capcom Fatalities.  I don’t know what it is.  But no Capcom game with Fatalities in it has ever had a Sequel.  Some never had Home release, some never got full Arcade distribution, some were never even released in Japan.  Some, like Capcom Fighting All-Stars, never got released at all.  Now, maybe I’m wrong.  But of all the following Fatality-equipped games, and games with elevated gruesome strikes from Capcom, none of these ever had sequels.  In Chronological release order:

Captain Commando:


In Ninja Commando’s Hands the Shuriken cuts foes in half, while Mummy Commando can liquefy foes with his knives.

Slam Masters 2: Ring of Destruction


With the bloody introduction of the Finishers and Secret Finishers in the sequel, Mike Haggar’s Prequel series Saturday Night Slam Masters had nothing left behind it.

Street Fighter the Movie: The Game

Normally I’d overlook this, but check out Sawada’s Hara Kiri move.  He never made the gaming move past Pixelated still capture.  Though it might also be his Super…

Red Earth

Used largely as a test for new Software later seen in SFIII, Only one Character I know has Fatality’s and he’s largely based on Ninja Commando.  Hence cutting his foes in half.

Darkstalkers 3

Darstalkers were afforded blood before.  But nothing new since Jedah Dohma took it to cascading new heights in ‘97.  Maybe that’s because of Capcom canning its Fighting department around 2000, with so many fighting games introduced in the intervening years.  Maybe Jedah really was alienating for his time.

Capcom Fighting All-Stars (7:24)

Poor reviews in the test product stage got this canned and left us stuck with Capcom Fighting Evolution to offset costs.  Since then it’s only been the odd scrap of info or video that illuminates what we were missing, including the Finish Blows fatalities therein.

And let’s not forget how Capcom Vs. games typically.  You make a team of playable characters.  And then you pit them against each other.  They proceed to follow in order of selection when each is defeated.  The fighters also provide occasional support when someone else is at Bat.  All of this is out of step with Fatalities, which are ways of pummeling an already bested player.  This would be going through 2-4 bested players awhile after you’ve bested a ways back.  This disrupts Fatality Flow.  So the finishers we saw above in Slam Masters, these would be the ideal vehicles for bringing 2-D era classic Fatality style without ever A) disrupting the flow of gameplay, or B) displaying more blood then Capcom ever has before.  And they’ve been relatively generous with gore in times past, as I’ve tried to demonstrate above.

While we’re discussing using “Finish Hers” in the matches themselves, there’s another game mechanic we typically don’t get to see: 1) Attack Point Runoff from one Komabatant to the next.  Say Jon Talbain’s dragon fire is his finisher.  It burns the opponent, and if all the attack points that deals out more damage than the opponent can still take, the Kharacter who replaces said opponent takes the remainder of attack points as they show up, and so on.  2) Evening out Tier levels.  A big problem Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 had is that quite a few Marvel Characters, many of whom had been previously developed for other games by that point, were much more efficient and effective than so many of the Capcom characters.  With these finishers, someone likewise underpowered could have a much more powerful finisher than even a True Final Boss.  By this logic, the True Final Boss would have the weakest Finisher, not even as strong as some of their combos, but extremely flashy, varied, and able to begin dominating the next contestant. In Capcom’s Vs.  Series, Low to Mid-Tier Characters are seen as better suited for the Support roles than the High Tier are.  These Finishers become one more way for the weaker characters to remain competitive and commanding.

So to wrap this up, I’d like to address ways this article might seem misleading.  It refers to Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter.  But I’ve written what’s clearly a Capcom vs. Mortal Kombat game.  Well, here’s the lynchpin for my strategy.  Capcom vs. Has to Happen first.  That way the roster can be customized so that Capcom AND NeatherRealm can be more comfortable and trusting.  Once a play-style has been established.  Once the Villains have had their fun.  Once the potential of a non-canon Crossover movie with Vampires, assimilating cyborgs, and possibly Xenomorphs has been explored, then we have the framework to ask ourselves about the plausibility of Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter.  And who knows, maybe I’m completely off my rocker.  If I had a lot of feedback from players, maybe I would have completely different notions about this.  Please leave comments and share the link with whoever would be interested.  Any feedback helps refine this deductive process.

For Part 2, we look at what opportunities this holds for Capcom and NeatherRealm specifically, how the different character designs and Mythos would Gel, clash, or Merge, examine NetherRealm character assignment criteria, ask ourselves who from DC would actually work in an MK crossover (I’ve got 3 prime candidates in mind) and submitting my Koncept of a story mode.  Also, please tell me if you’re sick of my appropriating the Mortal Kombat “Big K” spelling of words.

To be Kontinued…


Cosplayer interviews June 2017

I have a standard list of interview questions for cosplay models.  My plan is to post 2 interviews a month with the same standard questions, and then periodically follow up with some other subjects.  The standard questions are as follows:

1. If someone at commissions you for a costume, how much lead time do you need or want?

2. What inspired you to start making costumes?
3. Outside of Cosplay, what are your interests?

4. What is your primary method of funding your projects?

5. What is your number one anime of all time?

6. What is your favorite material to work with?

7. What is your favorite convention globally speaking?

8. What is your favorite local event?

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor


1. If someone at commissions you for a costume, how much lead time do you need or want? At least a couple months, since I’ve never done a commission before and I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my work. It would be easier if it was just one piece of a costume or one I’d done before.

2. What inspired you to start making costumes? Not being able to find clothes I liked EVER or ones that fit me right. It’s too time-consuming to continue trying at a certain point when you know you can make exactly what you want, and probably do it better.

3. Outside of Cosplay, what are your interests? Gaming, Anime, Manga, Comics, Research, Travel, Animals, Nature, Fashion, Modeling, Media, Analytics…I have a lot of interests, and they’re often changing.

4. What is your primary method of funding your projects? In the past it has been my savings, money from my parents, and cash from selling off items I own that have value. Those were less frugal times when I built up a surplus of materials, wigs, fabric, tools, makeup, and unfinished cosplays in an effort to better understand everything I might be working with. Currently, though, my funding is pretty scarce, so I’m using my past projects to make updated versions or working with what I bought before mostly.

5. What is your number one anime of all time? Sword Art Online

6. What is your favorite material to work with? Makeup! And Spandex 😀

7. What is your favorite convention globally speaking? RuPaul’s DragCon

8. What is your favorite local event? PAX West


TM87 Cosplay


1. If someone at commissions you for a costume, how much lead time do you need or want?  The amount of time I take for a commission depends on the amount of detail on the costume. I’m still new to taking commissions so I require a few months of preparation. I like about a 3 month buffer to be safe and it gives me time to make alterations if need be.

2. What inspired you to start making costumes? I began cosplaying about three years ago when my coworker showed me her costumes and introduced me to the community. I’ve always been a crafty person and my parents enrolled me in sewing lessons when I was young so when I found out there was a way that I could mix that with my love of comics and anime, I was hooked.

3. Outside of Cosplay, what are your interests?  Outside of cosplay, I like to keep up on psychological findings. I have a degree in Psychology and enjoy data entry so I try to keep up on new studies. I’m also known to binge watch a whole anime series and spend eight hours straight playing Tera Online.

4. What is your primary method of funding your projects? I have a full time job at a local grocery store that helps me pay for all of my crafting though I take on side projects here and there to try and make a few more bucks. I’m tinkering with the idea of selling some stuff on etsy and at conventions.

5. What is your number one anime of all time? My number one anime? Oh that’s so hard. If we want to go by rewatches then probably Soul Eater but if we want to go by amount of merch then Madoka Magica or Sword Art Online.

6. What is your favorite material to work with?  I prefer sewing projects over armor pieces so fabric is definitely my favorite to work with. I really like stretch cotton. The fabric I used on my Harley Quinn pants is my all time favorite fabric that I have worked with. It is so soft and so easy to work with.

7. What is your favorite convention globally speaking? I’ve only attended conventions in the PNW sadly though I hope to begin expanding out. One of my dream conventions is Colossal Con. But outside of Washington, I really enjoy Kumoricon. It’s a bigger con with the closeness of a small con.

8. What is your favorite local event? My favorite local event is Ba-con, hands down. Everyone is the sweetest and I love that I make new friends every year. I get the chance to talk to the most people at Ba-Con and I get excited every year at seeing it grow.

Anakaris Shortcake ( or Bloody Crown of the late Pharaoh. I’m still working on the name)

Think I should change the pastry name?
While the new(est as of this upload) Mummy movie is in theaters, I thought I’d also seize on the good prices on fresh strawberries too. How are strawberry prices where you are? And since I’m always looking for ways to draw attention to the Darkstalkers brand, I named it after THEIR resident Mummy, Anakaris.
So really, I’m pulling triple duty here.  Possibly one reason that Windows Live Movie Maker kept shutting down a little more than usual.  So to produce the video of my first sample of this confection I had to take the time to click “Save” after every move I made.  So this got posted after “The Mummy” was eviscerated.  Oops.

Wait, wrong Dark Universe.

Here we go.  More updates of these guys!

Now onto the dish.  Meaning the Pastry and not the Bride.  😉


So let’s begin.  You will need 1 large banana, 4 shortcake cups, 8 strawberries, and 8 ounces of of whipping cream.


First slice off 1/6 of the banana to slice thinly and separate them from the rest of the banana.  Slice the 5/6 into a blender as thinly as possible.  Save the remainder to put into the shortcake.


Chop strawberries, and put 2 into the blender, with some of the whipping cream.  Blend once, then put in the other 2 strawberries and the rest of the cream.  Blend again.  Remember to leave in the leaves.  Strawberry leaves are non toxic.  It’s the stems that need removing.  Leaving the leaves puts into your body that much more fruity goodness and a little more veggie mass for the same price.  On a side note, Carrot and turnip tops are also edible.



Enter the banana slices into the shortcakes, then slice the last 4 strawberries thinly, leaving the tops amidst the slices.  Place the strawberry slices atop the banana slices.  Then use the remaining strawberry slices as garnish around the shortcakes.



Top the strawberry banana shortcakes the strawberry banana cream.  As an optional bit of flavor, adorn it with rock or sea salt crystals, but not granulated.  Bigger.  And now for how it tastes, as well as the symbolism behind the ingredients, check out the video below.


And Now for some more Anakaris Goodness, I’d offer you Dark Universe Goodness, but that would call for any goodness to offer:

At last this Man-God was more trouble for the X-Men than Apocalypse was…

Now you see why so many grown men like “My Little Pony.”  Well, one reason.

And for his hero cred, look at his endings from his native Darkstalkers series.

Creamy Mushroom Chicken Pot Pie Marie Calendar

So here’s something odd.  This pot pie eats like cream of mushroom soup. Typically that’s more sipped out of a spoon, is a thicker more condensed dinner like soup that was boiled down or hadn’t gotten water inserted yet. And it has what seems to be dark meat chicken. Typically, that’s avoided and corporations instead use white meat.  The color and flavor of dark meat chicken compliments cream of mushroom soup better anyway. The vegetables were from a sensory perspective pretty insignificant let’s say. Nothing really standing out. So it’s just the dark meat chicken in the cream of mushroom soup. One last note though, the crust when nukes for the whole nine minutes (that the package called for) was taller and harder than any of the pop pie crust I’ve had so far. Not sure if that has to do with the contents or what they put in it when they made it from scratch according to the box. But it could be used as a bowl I guess you just if you want to cool it off faster you just take off the top and you spoon in the Pod contents into the upside down crust and that spreads out a little bit and let a lot more steam in a lot more heat keeps you from burning your mouth like I tend to do.

Lady Gaga’s “Cups of Kindness” with Starbucks Review

Before we begin, let’s just say I should have more than my phone on hand at all times to capture images on the go.  20170613_120311(0)

On my way to sell plasma this week, I spotted a limited edition Starbucks promo collaborating with Lady Gaga to raise funds for her “Born this Way” Foundation.  for more details.


So the matcha lemonade tastes a lot like a limeade. It’s is probably a result of the citrus and the flavor being thrown off by all the green tea, that doesn’t have its own courage sweetness as it as it’s lowers the overall sweetness average within the already somewhat tart lemonade. I’m probably thinking of lime rather than grapefruit because of the deep dark green color.

Pink Drink vs. Ombre.
The sales staff people had a couple of interesting points to tell me about the Ombre. The the lime Chaser or lime cooler I need to look up that ingredient. The lime add in was a turn-off for some people. I imagine some allergies to lime juice at sanding to do with it. Also it was meant to be served a nice. The ice at at a gradient. Different shades between different colors. Must have looked very pretty. I wish I had known that before I ordered. Because I just followed my regular Rule. And it certainly didn’t hurt me with the Macho lemonade. I needed to get my money’s worth, because just ordering these two drinks was in from $10. Starbucks is expensive. And it’s not fiscally responsible of me to pay for something expensive just to have it diluted with frozen water comma which reduces nutrients, flavor, and overall amount in the drink cop while I have to struggle with the straw. Maybe that will help me with the regular pink Drink, maybe the last drink on the menu. Something I noticed, I was only warned about the lime chaser with regards to the Ombre pink Drink. As you can see from the photo, I ordered that and the quote pink Drink unquote. That one has strawberries on top and no lime Chaser, while the Ombre pink drink has no strawberries with its lime chaser.

The strawberries were definitely leaching flavor it tasted like I was drinking strawberries and no one warned me that it needed ice for full effect. It probably didn’t. Without any green juice like lime, juvenile just Bank stuff. Hence the name Pink drink. It wasn’t sweet and sour there wasn’t a bite, it was sweet it was fruity, but when we got to the end we had a little problem. Straw wouldn’t pick up the strawberries. The straw would not lift the strawberries seem when you get around and poked at them. So I had to rinse the cup out and they all went down in one little gold a little bit of water just loosen up just enough to loosen them up. And they all went down without my teeth. So I really couldn’t Savor them or what was left of them. Still I guess that means sees your access. I think I like the taste of the Ombre better comma and I didn’t need any haggling to get it all down, however some complaints had been issued to the to the Baristas, who toll pass them along to me that the line wasn’t as popular feature in the hombre. Also I’ve told you my philosophy on ice and drinks, and that’s needed for the pool appearance and prettiness of the beverage. So they both have a little bit of a hassle in their own way, but I’m going to go with ombre for my own preference and regular pink drink for recommendation. What do you think please tell me below

Now let’s look at those Hippeas in the freebie sample pack I lucked upon.  For something vegan, the white cheddar flavor was pretty convincing.  I was promptly reminded of classic Cheese Puffs.  And also Cheetos, but since this was emulating white cheddar, the flavor was noticeably milder.  Something interesting about the Hippeas is their support of eastern African chickpea farmers and the manufacturer Bisterzo’s partnership with Farm Africa.

Hello, here we are at the last drink. Still have several more days to try these yourself. I suggest buying them small and with ice so you can buy more for the same price and get the full intended experience. Especially if you’re getting the Ombre pink Drink. And remember, the ingredients are there to get these all year-long. I recommend the matcha lemonade maybe with a protein.


But now to look at the Violet Drink itself. They were freeze dried blackberries in it that even after soaking for the entire walk home, and quite lost all their dry yet. Definitely with son meeting in some flavor though, I couldn’t quite make out the Hibiscus. I knew there was something there I meant to the coconut milk, but I did not realize it was hibiscus Blackberry had merged with it pretty well.


Now, about what you get when you order for small ones of each different type. You get an opportunity.  An opportunity to rinse out one cup then ports what you’ve got left into the next cup and then the next cup and then the next cup and then into a blender. The resulting goo has the color of blackberries, hated by all the strawberry content, and flavored by all the line pulp. That’s almost all I can taste. Limes.