New series of Con Coverage.

So I was going to cover my 2017 Convention experiences all in one blasts, but life got in the way, that got turned on its head, and I was left spinning as I tried to pull that off on top of something… personal that happened.  Add in juggling several life transitions, and I find myself STILL not con posting.

So it was suggested that I do a bunch of small posts of my 2017 experience, small and punchy so people would read to the end, and covering only 1 aspect or piece of my experience.  Thus enabling me to do an ongoing series.

So to start with, why not my earliest 2017 con memory?  I was standing in line waiting for Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) to start, and I overheard an amusing story about a fan’s encounter with Tara Strong.  For context, she’s famous for voicing Twilight Sparkle, seen below:

And yes, I am wrapping up a video covering my original recipe based on the Midnight Bliss move.

Now back to the Tara Strong story in the line.  A friend of one of the attendants had been in line to get Tara Strong’s autograph, and had a blanket with him (I’ve forgotten the reason, but perhaps it’s because he just had to wait that long in line?).  When he got to Tara Strong, she spat up her drink on his blanket.  She was profusely apologetic and signed it for him.  Which possessed the narrator’s friend to sit on it for 5 years before posting a signed item with Tara Strong’s DNA online.  The moral is, one man’s trash is another man’s savings bond.

After that sirring tale we waited Hours more for the line to start moving, then an hour later… I found out that this was actually the line for the artist alley, and they STILL wouldn’t be open for another few hours.  While I’d been waiting, they’d already been setting up the convention guides and lanyards that I’d been looking to start my weekend with DOWNSTAIRS.  Whoops.  I’ll keep an eye out for that next time.  🙂


Meet Exterminatus Now!

title_main Exterminatus Now top

With the FCC moving towards terminating access to all websites that don’t pay telecommunications ransom money, I’ve decided to take our remaining time of free internet to share some of the gems I’ve enjoyed over the years.  And I’ll try to show the pages that I first saw when I discovered these sites, to recreate my own experience discovering them for myself.  Otherwise just the home page.

First up, Exterminatus Now!  As its tagline says, “Looks like Sonic the Hedgehog, Smells like napalm in the morning!”  The series follows a(n extremely) dysfunctional quartet who are commissioned by the Inquisition of Mobius to battle daemons and heretics.  Something I appreciate about their release schedule is that they are once a week, thus reinforcing a sense of patience in this culture of getting everything right away.  Especially after that recent sabbatical they just had.

Just focusing on main 4 protagonists,

Harry Eastwood:  Such an extreme arachnophobe that he gains exceptional acrobatic prowess when surrounded by multiple large spiders, given that you ALSO play to his extreme caffeine addiction.  Now what happens when you ply to his HORRIBLE methods and judgment with the ladies?

Syrus Zuviel, the Virus: Borderline Heretic who keeps trying to bring daemons home as pets (because he finds them cute).  The resident booksmart (by stepping over a VERY low bar) he still typically screws even that up, which doen’t help the fact that like Eastwood he has no physical training, and unlike Eastwood has no situational supermode.  How is he still alive?  I’ve followed the whole series and I still don’t know.

Rogue: Not known by any other name outside of his village in Taika, Rogue wields a lightsaber.  Or a Beam Saber as it’s called in the series.  Star Wars or Gundam, choose wisely.  He briefly had some time off and was replaced by an even more incompetent wildgirl named Wildfire.  While not affectionate with any of his teammates, they practically dragged him back with a warm embrace after THAT fiasco.

Lothar Hex: A mechanized echidna who is clearly drawn from the 14-issue cyborg series from the Jonah Hex franchise.  Hence his violent tendencies, and intense affection for his hat.  But he does have a softer side, typically reserved for his family.  In an arc where he takes a teammate hostage and engages another in a battle to the death.  Go figure.


Please tell me what you think of this and if you would like to see anymore in the future.

A new Yelp review.

I just added a new review on Yelp. For Stacks Burgers in Federal Way.
4.0 star rating 7/19/2017
I had the “Which Came First?” sandwich. First think “Chicken and Waffles,” somehow stacked (no pun intended) in a stable fashion. Then add Bacon and eggs. Then dig in!!!
The egg was served sunny side up and a little runny, but throughly cooked, lightly salt and peppered. And the bacon was crispy but not too crispy.

Rose of Versailles Episode 2 “The Butterfly of Austria” Part 2

Yeah, this episode will be recapped in 3-4 pieces.  Like I said last time, this was a packed episode.  And that’s not even getting into the actual history of the specific events dramatized for this series.  I suppose that at the end, in part 4, I can put a list of list of helpful resources to look into them yourself.  Like I’ve stressed elsewhere, this episode is packed.
As the titular Butterfly of Austria is chasing a butterfly of her own looking rather innocent and frivolous, we see that it’s actually much more foreshadowing than that. As Marie’s mother is looking on at the scene and reflecting the treaty, where her daughter only 14 years old will be deciding the fate of two Nations through marriage and she will likely never see her child again. She is having doubts Thread about some horrible Doom spelled out for her daughter, and as she has a vision of Marie Antoinette incinerating and disintegrating (that I’m not showing in this article) the butterfly that Marie caught has been released and is flying up to the window and in a really neat shot it flies between the queen and the sun casting in enormous butterfly Shadow as the queen is struggling with Dread.
RoV Ep 2 Shadow of the Butterfly
So why am I taking the time to point this out, a because I’m a soccer for details, and be I tend to ramble without getting straight to the point. The butterfly is in Japan where this work originates, a symbol of death a spirit that will whole Souls from the world of the living. So it was an effective use of a butterfly shadow and a way to capture the duality of the situation. Something that will pay off later in the same episode. Speaking of great shot the butterfly shadow effectively fills the room as if from within, like this is just representing the Queen’s feelings and her fears not actually a shadow in the light. It’s a shadow of the heart.
To address these fears the queen has a meeting with her daughter and her royal Austrian attire, getting ready to leave. She gives her daughter a list of instructions and a lecture. While she sees Marie Antoinette is having many virtues she also highlights the Faults that we will be seeing. Tomboyish Carefree flighty very impulsive. So there’s a list of instructions to be reviewed every month to keep her on the right path and protect her. Well this is a touching goodbye.  Marie basically throws her emotions at the room whenever she feels something. She’s only 14 and she has without (much) exaggeration the weight of the world on her shoulders. So as she’s expressing fear and loss and not wanting to leave her mother and oh God this is all too much, the queen gives her the ring off the finger that she’s wearing at that moment to keep with her at all times. Or just rather to keep her mother’s love by her as a token. That’s sweet. I’m sure this won’t backfire in any way. Yeah I’m a jerk.
So when she arrives at the river or the island on the river Marie is hold that she must remove her ring rather she must remove everything that she’s wearing even her frilly things and the stuff that holds up her hair as well as a jewelry because everything that you where’s into France must be French. This whole affair took a year to plan to make sure that the customs of both nations would be observed. There’s very important diplomatically, but as we’ve already established, this girl lives Life by the seat off her pants. Pants she is not yet allowed to wear because this is the 18th century. so as her carriage is leaving to take her to the border, the kidnapping sub plot rears its ugly head. To spectators fleet to inform a spiffy looking man in shadows that all is going according to plan the carriage is move without a hitch. Is one of them refer still a man is Duke Orlean and it’s probably stabbed as he tries her no worries he use the name out what how’d you do not addressed in spirit trying to take the throne by their own name if you don’t already know who Duke Orlean well that’s going to be a bit of a surprise, and Ben will block whole at the end. The Duke’s planning to send a man looks so whole lot like a woman to wear a wig that makes him look like Marie Antoinette dressed as an attendant. Get her to swap plate get him at the swap places with the princess, and then sooner than you can say it’s a trap make a fool out of the Prince of France. And that puts the Duke in line to be the next king. Which is a horrible plan, because this isn’t us any arranged marriage, this is in arranged marriage to put in a new years of war. You’re not going could have thrown if this works, “it is going to be a s*** show,” to quote Lord Buckethead of Britain’s Briggs at election.
RoV Ep 2 Duke Orlean Minion Kill Count 1
Duke Orlean Kill Count: 1.
When she arrives at the river or the island on the river, Marie is told that she must remove her ring rather she must remove everything at he’s wearing even her freely things and the stuff that holds up her hair as well as a jewelry because everything that she wears into France must be French. This whole affair took a year to plan to make sure the customs of both nations would be observed. There’s very important diplomatically, but as we’ve already established, this girl lives life by the seat of her pants. Pants she is not yet allowed to to wear because this was the 18th century.
 RoV Ep 2 Don't Take My Ring
When she is told that she can’t wear it she panics understandably, and she says she’s calling it off she’s not going to get married. Which goes better that for Duke Orlean.  Not only does it make her easier to set up for the switch, but it’s also more likely that the humiliation he’s counting on will take place.
How will this impulsive dash impact the future of France?  Will babysitting such a child be beyond Oscar’s patience or power?  Find out next time as we conclude our review of this episode.

Rose of Versailles Episode Two Review Part 1

Before we begin, I would like to mention that I am sorry I fell off the wagon for a bit. I have no excuse, but there were a lot of other things that took higher priority than continuing this series, especially when I had so many other things I was trying to do. But as of this writing yesterday was Bastille Day so that’s the perfect time to get back on the horse. There is also the issue of I wasn’t quite sure what to do with this episode, it was packed. When I tried to look at different key scenes 2 look at the best screen still to capture too high to highlight a separate scene, with almost zero doubling over, I found I had 20 different screen stills. That’s not an exaggeration. And the episode itself is between 20 and 25 minutes long. So that’s nearly an average of a still each minute. A different scene, with a different episode with a different time iconic shot. This movie is story moves fast. And yet somehow they found the time to stick Hans Axel von Fersen at the very end.
And who is Fersen, you might ask? Well, it seems the series already expects you to know. And not just because of the fact that this is an adaptation of a influential manga. But also that fencing is one of the most famous elements of the social and political forces within the elite in Versailles before the Revolution. And yet all of that is simply hinted at within the narration, all we get of him is him and an aid on Horseback on a cliff observing a carriage procession. With a close up of his gorgeous face. I swear they made a point of highlighting that. More than once. Apparently according to the narrator he is “super big do” in Marie Antoinette’s destiny. Which makes no sense for new viewers unfamiliar with Revolutionary France. It does not help that in my old anime club we did not progress past this episode.
So onto the actual episode itself. We open with Oscar in her spiffy uniform, with a nice Flash (not that kind) of her medallions. Reflecting that this day will be the day that she will be escorting the princess Marie Antoinette from the French/Austrian border. And beginning her new life as a bodyguard. However her father  General François Augustin Regnier de Jarjayes (a real historical personage, see for more of my sources) arrives with news on a snag. And you will notice that to his credit and my chagrin he is the only man outside of the perpetrators who takes this news seriously. There are rumors of a plot to kidnap Marie Antoinette. It will be spiffy if we knew what he knew or thought he knew about these rumors about this plot, but the episodes practically overstuffed as it is. And he wants Oscar to be a double. I’m wondering if he has ever seen Marie Antoinette in his life. A painting might have been made available but there’s no word of that. When we get into the actual plot, it’ll raise more questions about who knew what she looked like. But she has little to no resemblance to Oscar.
RoV Ep 2 I will not be a double
And speaking of no resemblance to Oscar we see before and after the opening credits a display of their respective personalities.
RoV Ep 2 Carefree Marie.png
Oscar throws the dress away and whips out her sword declaring fit on her life and her Duty she will defend Marie Antoinette but she is not doing it as a double and not hiding behind the guise of some girl.  Of course, she didn’t even want to babysit a girl as for a military career if you recall the last episode. And if you do I think you for your phone. Meanwhile, Marie Antoinette is a bit of an impulsive care for your head as we see her preparing to literally give her 14 year-old away to secure a peace treaty between countries that have been at war for years. And Marie’s running around in a fountain Chasing a Butterfly. Continued tomorrow…

Polar Pizza Free Sample Day at Baskin Robbins

Viva Bastille Day!  Today Baskin Robbins had a free giveaway promo to commemorate their new mint chocolate variety of Polar Pizza.  A free slice available from Oreo Cookie and Mint.  Naturally I sampled both for you, (and naturally I wished I had opened up the packaging before I took this shot.  Oops)
The new flavor brought a very strong potent mint in a very chocolatey cream flavored ice cream separately of course. The noteworthy thing aside from the packaging that made handling easy but eating kind of interesting, was the crust. I have sensitive teeth, so biting its the ice cream was a bit of a challenge but I had to fight hard and chew to get through the cookie crust.
While I distinctly preferred the mint Polar Pizza, I would actually be more inclined to recommend the Oreo. And the crust is what it all comes down to. It’s more like an actual Oreo cookie crust I mean Oreo cookies they are hard or at least brittle rather than soft in any sense and I definitely not chewy, and they get stuck in your teeth so everyone knows you’ve been eating on when I look at your molars. But the flavors pretty close so is the color and it messes a lot better with the ice cream two distinctly different flavors balancing against each other for stimulus like with the mint, it tastes it almost feels very reminiscent of eating an Oreo. So it’s like an Oreo within an Oreo. But do what you want, there’s a new flavor and they are returning flavors, so you do you Hoss.