Meet Exterminatus Now!

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With the FCC moving towards terminating access to all websites that don’t pay telecommunications ransom money, I’ve decided to take our remaining time of free internet to share some of the gems I’ve enjoyed over the years.  And I’ll try to show the pages that I first saw when I discovered these sites, to recreate my own experience discovering them for myself.  Otherwise just the home page.

First up, Exterminatus Now!  As its tagline says, “Looks like Sonic the Hedgehog, Smells like napalm in the morning!”  The series follows a(n extremely) dysfunctional quartet who are commissioned by the Inquisition of Mobius to battle daemons and heretics.  Something I appreciate about their release schedule is that they are once a week, thus reinforcing a sense of patience in this culture of getting everything right away.  Especially after that recent sabbatical they just had.

Just focusing on main 4 protagonists,

Harry Eastwood:  Such an extreme arachnophobe that he gains exceptional acrobatic prowess when surrounded by multiple large spiders, given that you ALSO play to his extreme caffeine addiction.  Now what happens when you ply to his HORRIBLE methods and judgment with the ladies?

Syrus Zuviel, the Virus: Borderline Heretic who keeps trying to bring daemons home as pets (because he finds them cute).  The resident booksmart (by stepping over a VERY low bar) he still typically screws even that up, which doen’t help the fact that like Eastwood he has no physical training, and unlike Eastwood has no situational supermode.  How is he still alive?  I’ve followed the whole series and I still don’t know.

Rogue: Not known by any other name outside of his village in Taika, Rogue wields a lightsaber.  Or a Beam Saber as it’s called in the series.  Star Wars or Gundam, choose wisely.  He briefly had some time off and was replaced by an even more incompetent wildgirl named Wildfire.  While not affectionate with any of his teammates, they practically dragged him back with a warm embrace after THAT fiasco.

Lothar Hex: A mechanized echidna who is clearly drawn from the 14-issue cyborg series from the Jonah Hex franchise.  Hence his violent tendencies, and intense affection for his hat.  But he does have a softer side, typically reserved for his family.  In an arc where he takes a teammate hostage and engages another in a battle to the death.  Go figure.


Please tell me what you think of this and if you would like to see anymore in the future.


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