New series of Con Coverage.

So I was going to cover my 2017 Convention experiences all in one blasts, but life got in the way, that got turned on its head, and I was left spinning as I tried to pull that off on top of something… personal that happened.  Add in juggling several life transitions, and I find myself STILL not con posting.

So it was suggested that I do a bunch of small posts of my 2017 experience, small and punchy so people would read to the end, and covering only 1 aspect or piece of my experience.  Thus enabling me to do an ongoing series.

So to start with, why not my earliest 2017 con memory?  I was standing in line waiting for Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) to start, and I overheard an amusing story about a fan’s encounter with Tara Strong.  For context, she’s famous for voicing Twilight Sparkle, seen below:

And yes, I am wrapping up a video covering my original recipe based on the Midnight Bliss move.

Now back to the Tara Strong story in the line.  A friend of one of the attendants had been in line to get Tara Strong’s autograph, and had a blanket with him (I’ve forgotten the reason, but perhaps it’s because he just had to wait that long in line?).  When he got to Tara Strong, she spat up her drink on his blanket.  She was profusely apologetic and signed it for him.  Which possessed the narrator’s friend to sit on it for 5 years before posting a signed item with Tara Strong’s DNA online.  The moral is, one man’s trash is another man’s savings bond.

After that sirring tale we waited Hours more for the line to start moving, then an hour later… I found out that this was actually the line for the artist alley, and they STILL wouldn’t be open for another few hours.  While I’d been waiting, they’d already been setting up the convention guides and lanyards that I’d been looking to start my weekend with DOWNSTAIRS.  Whoops.  I’ll keep an eye out for that next time.  🙂


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