B-King B-Fast (Pancakes and Lucky Charms Milkshakes. I’m not even kidding)

The milkshakes tasted pretty much like sweet, but the lucky charm for ground up so thin and fine that almost every single Fleck inspect of them maybe through danger issue straw. That was a huge relief, especially after all the times I’ve had to struggle with bubble tea and their extra wide straws. The whip cream thankfully came without maraschino cherries, which I don’t like. The cream itself felt and tasted just enough like dairy to tell me that it was real cream, but otherwise it was flavorless sweet. Then there was the milkshake underneath it.  A little bit runny but that just meant easier sucking, and you could barely see cereal or marshmallows. But I’m still counting this as a breakfast food, because of all the walking I had to do to get it as early in the morning as I did. I am putting together a fitness technique system to use with public transportation. I was able to put it to use today and burned a lot of calories doing some of the footage capture on my way to the Burger King that I will be using in the actual project. Then I made it all the way back home on foot. So there’s regular cereal there’s milk and if you’re hyperactive Maverick like me, no excess calories.  If you’re not…. you’ll probably want to avoid this.
A quick note about the pancakes. When I saw a sign advertising three large pancakes with only $0.89 for the price, I just had check this out. They were definitely not the silver dollar variety you get a Jack in the Box, these were about as big around as the palm of my hand, and I have relatively large hands. Obviously these aren’t going to be the size and proportions you’ll find in restaurants, they’re only $0.89 after all. But they are such a better buy that much of get a Jack In The Box. As for texture, they’re nice and press like pillows with just a bit of a thickness in the texture. I know I have said before that I like chewy sensations against my jaws, but I do have foods in mind where that is the exception. Specifically cookies and pancakes. These I like to be soft as a cloud that gives you hot little kisses as you bite through it. I know I’m picturing food stuff sprouting lips and pop okay okay bad choice of words. Hopefully I’ll choose my words better next time. Going to have that visual my head all day.

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