Banquet Brand Backyard BBQ

After reading articles like “” and “” I was compelled to seek out the cheapest microwave meals I could find at the store.  And while these “Banquet” (putting it loosely there) was the 2nd cheapest option, it was definitely the cheapest “entire” meal.  Except for their Mega Meals, all of these cost only a dollar before tax, making them a much better buy than the next brand which for $0.88 offers less than half the food.  In general, I found them too be so salty it was troubling.  But easy (at least for my dollar) to stockpile.

Mash potatoes still have more air pockets than a piece of pumice in the corps and I’ve had many times before, only thing to talk about is the barbecue. The meat itself was ground up and shaped, pretty soft, pretty tender.
Which is good, because I was afraid I would have to deal with bones. One reason why tend to hold off on eating barbecue, is the bones and the meat I lose when it sticks and bones and just won’t leave. Typical it’s just a little scraps, but I don’t have to worry about that here, so yeah.
The sauce is the real star here or you Smokey but still quite sweet with a definite lingering afterburn that I can still feel as I dictate this. And there was plenty of leftovers of the sauce just good they didn’t serve it dry, particularly. That meant I could roll up the mashed potatoes and corn in it, and I say I be more of a gravy man if gravy tasted like this.


Fred Meyer Dessert Yogurt

While getting a Kroger deal on store brand yogurt, I noticed 3 Fred Meyer dessert flavors.  One more way I see store brands showing a lot of variety to really compete with national brands beyond just being a little cheaper.  Naturally my curiosity was piqued.
Cinnamon roll tasted more like cream cheese infused with cinnamon than actual yogurt.  Although on a second tasting, I can detect faint notes of actual yogurt.
The blueberry muffin flavor was like if someone had tried to instill muffin flavor into a blueberry flavored yogurt. Blueberry flavored and then afterwards flavored again. It didn’t work that well in my opinion, and I am unimpressed. I’ll just get a blueberry flavored yogurt next time. I was actually wondering if it was going to be a muffin flavored yogurt, with blueberries at the bottom to stir up like an actual blueberry muffin. In a baking class once I was warned don’t Mash Up the blueberries when you’re making muffins, because then you’re just going to turn them blue. It’s like someone had for gotten that important step in the baking process, even though this is not a baked product.
Black forest cake was rather interesting. The initial taste was in determinants as opposed chocolates was something of an influence, but I did not see it when I was looking through ingredients I still don’t. But what I did see, was that a cherries where the 6th ingredient. And a picture features Cherry filling when between the two pieces of actual cake.
So in hindsight, the only one of these three I would purchase again to consume is the cinnamon roll. I actually did not have as high as expectations for that. The packaging was deceitful. I had no expectations for the black forest cake, I got it as an afterthought so I could round things up to a nice 3, I had no idea how you were going to make cinnamon roll flavored yogurt, certainly not a palatable one. And I was actually expecting blueberry muffin to work the best.

Interview with Swimgirl Cosplay

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And here’s my second interview for this month.  Enjoy!

1. If someone at commissions you for a costume, how much lead time do you need or want?  I would like at least a month! Since I hand make everything, I want to make sure it’s of the highest quality so it will stay together for a longer time. To do this, I need a month to make sure I have time to get the right materials and enough time to sew/build the cosplay properly.

2. What inspired you to start making costumes?  In the beginning, I was inspired to make costumes solely because I was (and still am) obsessed with Halloween. I started cosplaying in late October of 2016 and was inspired to continue creating cosplays after my first convention in November. I was amazed with how others reacted to my creations and how other cosplayers’ cosplays looked, and I wanted to become better at cosplaying for myself.
3. Outside of Cosplay, what are your interests?  I enjoy swimming competitively, lifting weights, running, drawing, painting canvas quotes, crafting, and baking.

4. What is your primary method of funding your projects?  I have started selling cosplay prints, cosplay commissions, and also have a PayPal account where fans have generously donated to help me cosplay.

5. What is your number one anime of all time?  Akame Ga Kill! This anime is my all time favorite anime because storyline was astounding and I could relate it closely to today’s society and political issues. It honestly made me think about how the people could prevent/stop government corruption and start to be more community oriented rather than selfish.

6. What is your favorite material to work with?  Honestly, my favorite material to work with would be fabric, but specifically Jersey Knit. Although this fabric is difficult to work with for most, I find it fairly easy to use to make most of my more comfortable cosplays. However, any fabric will do!

7. What is your favorite convention globally speaking?  At this point in my cosplay career, I’ve never been out of the country for conventions. Although, the one I found that sounded most interesting is Anime Japan. I just renewed my love for anime recently and would love to see how the original anime culture works with cosplayers and anime.

8. What is your favorite local event?  My favorite local convention would be San Japan. I absolutely loved the atmosphere of the con and the staff was extremely organized. The panels and events provided were awesome, and everything ran smoothly. I’m definitely going to make this an annual stop on my Convention List.

Interview with RizzyOkuni cosplay.

RizzyOkuni's Profile Picture

1. If someone at commissions you for a costume, how much lead time do you need or want? I usually do not accept cosplay comissions because I do not have much free time. But this would take around 1 to 2 months depending on the cosplay.

2. What inspired you to start making costumes? I found wonderful you can give life to a favorite character for a while, and on top let other people happy to see that. That was one of the main reasons I started cosplaying.

3. Outside of Cosplay, what are your interests? Photography! I really love photography and I’m currently working on it in my spare time.

4. What is your primary method of funding your projects? I currently use Patreon or donations via PayPal.

5. What is your number one anime of all time? Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. It’s my favorite anime and I love it from the bottom of my heart. I hope I can cosplay Edward or Lust someday :heart:

6. What is your favorite material to work with? E.v.a. foam. It is a cheap and simple material, easy to find here in Brazil. And you can work with it at home with few tools.

7. What is your favorite convention globally speaking? CCXP Experience. It’s the biggest event in Brazil and my favorite! Unfortunately I not yet had the opportunity to go to any event outside of Brazil, but my dream is to go to Dragon Con!

8. What is your favorite local event? An aquatic park? Yeah, I think that would be great!

Super S’more

First Samsung Imp[ort 036

A few days back I learned something.  If you get a Starbucks drink from a corporate outlet at a chain store like Safeway, you get points for and from both companies.  Just use your Starbucks card, and your (in this case) Safeway Club card upon purchase.

Now for the Super S’more.  Given the lack of crumbs I don’t think it deserves to be called “super,” but otherwise I feel it fits fine.  What makes this different is shortage and surplus.  Without the milk chocolate syrup on hand, I was offered dark chocolate or caramel.  Taking the dark chocolate, I discovered, that since the Marshmallow whipped cream is free, I can have extra if I order the same amount in a lager cup.  A grande served in a venti, as it were.  The dark chocolate served the whole thing better, but the marshmallow cream was the whole reason I came, and now I had more than double!  Like I said, incomplete and not quite “super” without the crumbs.  But I loved it besides that.


Where is Rose of Versailles Episode 3?

RoV Ep 2 I will not be a double

Yeah, I’m not very fast and rapid with my Rose of Versailles updates.  But the source I was using for episodes, seems to have mysteriously lost all episodes of Rose of Versailles after episode 2, if it ever had them at all.



Here’s what I have to work with so far:

Here’s a handy ABridged.

And for completion’s sake, here’s the dub, ( )followed by this (Italian?) dub, complete with a TERRIBLE original OP song:, though I’m only guessing that it is Italian.  On account of the accent, the Spanish-like title, and just how HUGE the Italian fanbase for this series was back in the day.  The Live Action Movie was produced by the Italians.  If I run out of episodes prematurely, I’ll have to get to that sooner.  Ecch.  I only know it by reputation right now, but it’s reputation demands some leniency towards the early “efforts” by American filmmakers to adapt animes.

And I’ll probably need to cook something from the Revolutionary era to maintain my preferred “Dinner and a show” format.  If I am to review the live-action film.  Made with wine.  I may abstain from consuming alcohol, but this endeavour will require wine.  Lots and lots of wine.  And probably people to suffer with… date night, you think?