Discounts for Jon Talbain cosplay pieces

End of season clearance sale save up to 80%

So it comes to this, an online shopping article.  For Darkstalkers cosplay.  Those who know me know I’m a HUGE fan of Darkstalkers (called Vampire in it’s native Japan).  In fact my earliest designs on the FandomFoodie brand were to create original recipes based on Darkstalkers.  For those holding out for my Dmitri Maximoff Marshmallow Squares flavored with Demon’s Blood, keep waiting.  I have a ways to improve in the kitchen.

But something else that’s been tickling me between the ears has been how to whip together cosplay for them.  After Halloween, various costume shops (especially the ones focusing specifically on Halloween itself) will have massive discounts to move their remaining stock.  So for costuming over the rest of the year, this provides a good way to fill in the gap.  Now who to apply this to?  I’m rather partial to Morrigan and Felicia (how original) and Ruby Heart and possibly Wraith (see my fan theory: Boy, I really do like the obscure properties, don’t I?

But the one who really tickles my inspiration is their Bruce Lee Clone, Jon Talbain.  He was a constantly shirtless werewolf before Taylor Lautner was ever onscreen.

As you can see, his only articles of clothing are pants and belt from his training gi.  Those are easy enough to get anywhere else, so we’ll focus on the werewolf aspects here.


Jon Talbain has Nunchucks, but they only appear in one Special move (Million Flicker) and one of his victory stances.  But those are very hard to spot, so you would do well to get the cheapest/sturdiest model, or maybe you want to save some money and really rev up the gothic charm, try the Mace of Fury.  Slightly smaller, slightly cheaper, much more metal, but not literally.  It’s made of plastic too.

But if you want to capture the look of his Million Flicker, Light-Up Ninja Nunchucks ( ) are currently marked down to $7.49.  Honestly, my worry is the silver chord being less durable for long term use then plastic chains.


There aren’t a lot of products that extend quite as far as Jon’s nails, but these should at least convey the general exaggerated beastly feel:

But these are the closest to the length of his nails.  I’m not sure how that would effect handling nunchucks, but they can be painted to better resemble Jon.  Not a lot of the gloves have that going for them.

Now here’s a bargain for you.  $28 gets you mask AND hands.


Speaking of masks, moves the jaws, capturing the speaking motions Western gaming’s Favorite Werewolf makes.

For a cheap mask, try this metallic number, orginal price less than 10.


And finally, the only tail I found:

Now if you wanted to be really affordable, you could just go along with his human form.  Begins at 1:33.  Just need a wig, nunchucks, and a LOT of time at the gym.