Celestial Seasonings Fruit Tea Sample Review

True Blueberry

After multiple samplings, I found that it was not exactly consistent how much the initial blueberry flavor carried over from one helping of hot water to the next. Typically in a fruit tea like pomegranate or blueberry or something else you will have in the first cup a veritable explosion of fruit color and fruit flavor. And then in the next cup with the same bag it will be all about the leaf. But this time or one of the times with this bag type, some blueberry carried over into a second helping. Very pleasant surprise.
Now on to the actual flavor. Fairly strong and Rich blueberry flavor, but since this is pure blueberry trueblue, that’s simply living up to advertising. But notice that use the word true instead of pure, cuz this is not sure but it invokes Purity to say true. Hibiscus, rose hips, orange peel, all of these come before anything a blueberry and wild blueberries and blueberry leaves are the last ingredient. Naturally I assumed wild blueberries because it’s not wild fits if it’s wild. But blueberry leaf a little surprising blackberry leaves before that and after our first look at Blueberry ingredients on the list. Since more blackberry leaf in here that blueberry leaf. Which is a definite Downer, because blueberry leaves are a lot like Huckleberry leaves. You use both to treat diabetes. I’m not sure the value and reward of blackberry leaves. Not just yet.

Raspberry Zinger

This tasted like the raspberry lemonade powder you would put into water or lemonade to go to bed of Fizz. I was always remembering Fizz when I drink this. Maybe that’s what the Zinger is supposed to be. And curiously, there are five ingredients for anything raspberry comes in, and raspberries last two. Hibiscus, rose hips, roasted chicory, Orange Peel, blackberry leaves, natural raspberry flavor with other natural flavors, raspberries and raspberry leaves. I did like it though. Good color good flavor.

Country Peach Passion

Normally when I have peach tea, it’s some kind of ginger peach tea. But there was no real ginger in here so it seemed actually quite a bit Milder I was actually able to enjoy this a touch more. Which is ironic I typically am not fond of peaches. I’m almost neutral about them when they’re dry but otherwise. I’ll pass. One other reason that’s why I have such mild flavor as far as Peaches goes quote natural Peach flavor with other natural flavors on quote is the fifth ingredient then it’s blackberry leaves hibiscus peaches citric acid and paprika for color. Although the first ingredient is Orange Peel so you would think it would be stronger but after that it’s rosehip switching over my old Hawthorne don’t know what that is and then we’re back to where we started.It’s got a nice color, and the color actually stays the second time you apply hot water to the bag. Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Wild Berry Zinger

All right, I am starting to notice a theme Here. The ingredients for black for wild berry Zinger are hibiscus, rose hips, roasted chicory, Orange Peel, blackberry leaves, before they get into any of the specific flavor is that this blend is named after. Starting to sound familiar that seems to be the primary stuff of each of these in the fruit sampler pack.
Well beyond that there are a variety of natural flavors. No idea what substance constitutes natural flavors, but they are of black raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, red raspberries, cranberries and cherries with other natural flavors and citric acid. And no, black raspberries and blackberries. I’ve picked them both growing wild and I can see and taste the difference.

Black Cherry Berry

And finally we have a somewhat more predictable number the black cherry berry and it’s got sit with me now hibiscus, roasted, roasted chicory, blackberry leaves, Hawthorne, natural black cherry flavor with other natural flavors, chamomile and sweet cherries. The last two are certainly surprising. I would not have thought that black chick that’s sweet cherries would be the very last. Because even on the second cup the same bag still taste very very sweet. Not to mention a very very cherry. Ingredients the stuff at the front. Then there is the issue of me not normal. I am not a cherry guy. But a are you really like this one and I’d be happy to have some again. Even a whole box and not just some from a sampler.

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