Goodwill Unboxing reviews

Well, I was brought down by a lingering illness.  Over Halloween, and since this blog is 4th on my list of priorities, that REALLY slowed me down.  My apologies.  (More traffic and support would raise it on my priorities list)

I know it’s late, but I caught a nasty Halloween bug.  Perfect for the night when the barrier between the living and the dead was once said to be it’s thinnest.


The “Snottermelon” (watermelon) flavor was the only one of any keen or strong flavor.  The “Sour Green Boogy” (sour green apple) and Lemon Loogy were both very mild but more sour than anything else, although I could tell them apart from each other.
Actual appearance of them I was mildly lumpy, but mostly that I’m a typical Gumdrop. Even the artificial colors didn’t have much differentiation. The sour green apple had very little shift between it’s and the watermelon, and a little bit more but still not a lot between it and 11. This is a FAR cry from the pictures on the box. 
So in closing I would say this was an interesting curiosity and I’m glad I tried it glad I got it on the cheap. There was an interior freshness bag that I had to cut open and I’m definitely grateful for that, it was a nice touch. But next time I would get this as a gift or something to share with a friend never to have on my own.
When I cook pumpkin seeds, and check out my snap crackle and pop article on deviantART Square there is a photo for sale., I use olive oil and some kind of salt mix typically of light flavor so you just taste the pumpkin seed in the oil. Well with the pumpkin kernels they use peanut oil and generic salt so I just tasted peanut while feeling a crunch and and something mildly salty. It was very hard to taste the actual Colonel. I don’t know if they went to the extra time and effort to Shell pumpkin seeds because it would make it leaner somehow, but I was definitely the biggest difference. Between the store bought and my home made.
The blacklight was just a blacklight.  No surprises there.  Well, onto the seasonal pumpkin spice review.  Sorry again that this was so late.  I promise that my Thanksgiving recipe for those trapped in retail WILL be on time.  Take care now, stay healthy.

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