Starbucks 2017 cups and fare.

If we lose Net Neutrality, sites like Dailymotion will no longer be witnessed in the United States. I branch out to other monetizing sites so I’m not just relying on any one site to monetize or gather an audience. When Net Neutrality’s gone, YouTube’s going to have even more of a monopoly than it already does.
With that said, today’s offering is a bit late. Meant to be around Black Friday, I responded to a loss I will not describe here by eschewing the mandatory cheer I’m supposed to share in December. I’ve noticed that it raises expectations, and with them stress and hostility. Perfect for this time of year.
And ironically fitting the reaction that certain “media figures” have to today’s topic. Starbucks Holiday Cups/Sleeves. And the new Hot Latte flavor. As well as the new Whoopie Pie (not a euphamism) flavor, and the returning turkey holiday sandwich. Why don’t the pundits panic over anything called “Whoopie Pie?”


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