Just in time for the Net Neutrality Repeal.


It seems striking that this ends the day after Net Neutrality gets voted down.  When sites are charged more in order to stream, will anything other than YouTube and Facebook survive?  I was still looking into this site and it’s rules when I got the news, too.  Go figure.  Dailymotion is still hanging in there, but maybe just barely.  If any of you wish to support me in these dark times, please subscribe to FandomFoodie on Youtube, Dailymotion and follow me on Facebook.  Best of luck.

And now for the dinner part of my (neglected) “Dinner and a Show” format?
IMG_2180 Hot Cocoa
Dairy Queen’s Hot Cocoa Blizzard (bit of a tonal shift, I know)
When I first got this, I thought that they had gotten my order wrong. It was clearly shown to have whipped cream on top. But it turns out you need to special-order the whip cream whipped cream is Freon very strange it’s optional, but it’s not come standard on the blizzard that is pictured with her cream on it. It tasted like and felt like just a regular chocolate blizzard. So I was surprised to learn that in lieu of hot fudge, which would reflect the theme, it was cream fudge. I think they called it cocoa fudge. Supposedly a thicker fudge that was served cold and not hot. I suppose this is for economic reasons because of it’s thickness you put in less fudge to maintain the same consistency.
Still there was one feature that I had no problem with.  The various chocolate notes that would pop in my mouth as I shoot it. I’m referring to the Oreo cookies bits that were all throughout here. I love those and I would not change them. I would make the whip cream mandatory, and I would swap out hot fudge blizzard for this cocoa fudge additive but I would definitely keep the Oreo bits.
Much like the Guardians of the Galaxy tie-in blizzard, I think this could have been a lot better, clearly but it’s not too hard in this case even easier to find a way to build on it and create something that I would like instead. I will have to try my concoction and tell you all how I feel. Since it doesn’t call for anything seasonal, you should be able to enjoy my take on the hot fudge blizzard throughout the winter. 

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