Beginning my 2018.

If I haven’t finished a project from 2017, I don’t think I’ll continue it in 2018.  I’m trying to focus my efforts outside of this, so I’ll be minimizing what I do here to save time as I do my part to address Net Neutrality, accelerate Job searching, community volunteering, and other things I need to do.  This blog will be about sites and eats around the Washington State Trade and Convention Center.  To get ready for Emerald City Comicon on March 1-4, and Sakuracon from March 30-April Fools’ Day (won’t that be an interesting end to a weekend?).  Both of these will be held there.  So I’ll be preparing for those events to help any readers who will be attending.  And I’ll be sharing these articles on more sites so I can garner more of a readership.  This is going to be a new year, and a new approach as I face new needs.  I have several priorities at a time, and as regularly inspired for this as I am, I still have to place this as my lowest priority endeavor (hence putting this out on the 4th instead of the first).  I’ll still be posting, I’ll try to maintain my Dinner and a show format, but I will miss writing for you all anyway.

20171231_151848  Sorry for poor picture quality, I thought I had misplaced my camera (Had actually misplaced it in one of my many pockets) so I had to catch this on my phone and run.

And for my meal portion…  Original House of Donuts in Tacoma, Washington.  I was looking for work amidst downtown Tacoma’s renovations over New Year’s Weekend when I found them.  Word of warning for those in the cold. The lobby is solely for paying customers only. The cheapest item I found was six donut holes glazed for $1.50. The one I recommend is a singular or blueberry donut, made with real blueberries, not glazed but talk with blueberry frosting made with actual blueberries. Who could actually taste the blueberries in separately the frosting and the donuts, but there are cheaper plate have got to be cheaper places downtown to take refuge. The maple bacon bars on their business cards. Oh weather without taste for maple bacon pastries, it’s a very charming notion or construct anyway.  Here’s their website:  From there you get to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and …YouTube?


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