Pumpkin Pie Tea Recipe (& tentative goodbye)

I originally came up with this as a way to bring the warmth and comfort of home cooking to those poor souls stuck at retail this year.  Which means they wouldn’t HAVE any time with their families on one of the rare holidays where family time is considered STANDARD.  It would also support them with protein and electrolytes stimulants and glucose. Not to mention a lot of other goodies to keep them going I’d actually like to take this along to the turkey trots.  It’s got all the points that Gatorade needs. And after I share the recipe, I’ll get into why I didn’t post it before.

Pool together one half tablespoon of salt (type to taste)
One bag Celestial Seasonings sweet Harvest pumpkin black tea
6 lactase caplets
one and a half calcium citrate tablets
one tablespoon parsley flakes
6 cups boiling water near line
2 eggs 
1 1/2 cups pumpkin spice creamer 
One whole cup frozen pumpkin 
Through all ingredients all dry ingredients together in mixing bowl stirring until stirring until as evenly distributed as possible then add boiling water on and off for at least 5 minutes so that what will dissolve has time to dissolve but do not let the water cool so much so that when you do the next step new line add eggs, that the eggs fail to cook in the water. Keep all wet ingredients in the refrigerator until it is time to use them because you want them to have a cooling effect to make the drink more drinkable sooner. Immediately stir the eggs inside the hot tea so that they blend together before they become more solid. Then add the pumpkin and the creamer and then until drink becomes milky in color evenly and maintaining a solid consistency throughout.
This Pumpkin Pie Tea tastes like actual pie. I use garlic salt and that (cooked) garlic flavor shines through. The brew’s just a little bit salty, though.  But otherwise it smells and tastes like pumpkin pie filling before it’s been poured into the crust and sets to cool.  But it doesn’t burn your mouth, so it’s the best of both worlds.  

It took so long because amidst my activism and Job searching I lost sight of this.  I was surprised recently when I saw I hadn’t posted yet.  This is also possibly my last upload.  Over Thanksgiving Weekend, the FCC voted to end Net Neutrality.  Soon Internet providers will choose which websites stay on the net.  Most web sites to carry my name will be unable to pay the ransom, so they will be available no more, probably never again.  https://savethenetfromtrump.com/?source=commoncause


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