Salad a la Succubi (and a Sakuracon update)

Sakura-Con is finally up.  I’ve been checking regularly to see this to post it ASAP.  I got my reservation, if that’s of note to anyone.  But now onto the salad.

morrigan-mvc-lilith-introMeet Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers.  Darkstalkers is property of Capcom, who also feature her in EVERYTHING that’s part of their Capcom vs. Series.  When I started the FandomFoodie brand, what I wanted to create more than any other topic, was original Recipies based on the Darkstalkers franchise.  How does Morrigan Aensland, the resident Succubus, pertains to a salad?  This is designed to be eaten after the meal.  The ingredients are designed to 1) wet your whistle, 2) freshen your breath with a very minty aftertaste, 3) be the bridge between the meal and whatever comes after.  Where moist minty mouths and fresh breath could come in handy.

10342817_597077623732414_3075950195693854661_n Karen Gallegos Steampunk Morrigan Aensland.Steampunk by Karen Gallegos

DSC05356Start with the slicing one zucchini and one cucumber into thin strips.  DSC05357Then rinse and chop up some mint leaves.  No need to fear the stems.  DSC05359Now that you’ve rinsed the mint and spread it around, do the same with the parsley and the cilantro, but in between those steps, chop them up finely first, so the actual breath freshening plant mass is almost (ALMOST) pre-chewed and packed into every bite. DSC05362Now throw in the parsley flakes flakes to taste, and mix in the contents of the 3 tea bags.  The original idea was to combine spearmint and peppermint among all the primary ingredients, but all I could find at the store was “Organic Mint.”  Combining these two after all was a simple as finding Mint Medley by Bigelow teas.  3 was enough, and their only ingredients were peppermint and spearmint anyway.  The parsley flakes were just for their light flavor, a little more breath freshener and because I throw that stuff in anything.     DSC05363

Gradually the tea will rub against the squash (zucchini and cucumber) releasing a purple color.  I’m not exactly sure why, but it suits the Morrigan Theme to a Tee.  This recipe makes 5 large servings.  Good for parties, but remember this.  No dressing, this is to be eaten after the meal to freshen breath; 2: Cilantro begins breaking down before you know it, even in the fridge.  Keep an eye on that, and buy up the ingredients shortly before you plan to serve.



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