Starbucks in a Half Shell Part 2: MNT Gaiden

Mutant Ninja Turtles Gaiden by Tigerfog(Concept art taken from

Taking the Teenage out of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” our Heroes in a (Fan Work) Half Shell take in some teenagers of their own as they come back together in their 30’s after the (Spoilerific) death of Master Splinter.  Now the Mad Scientist, the Novelist, the overweight Chainsmoker and his body-displaced (and rather hentai) disciple must come together against Ancient curses, the legacy of the Yamata no Orochi, the late Shredder’s Elite Guard, and shadowy agendas…

Spoilers (?)… Who’s who?  I think you can guess from the picture above.  Although this is the concept art from before the series launched.

The emphasis seems to be on how returning Turtles interact with the teenagers who have risen in their wake.  But we know half the cast already.  We don’t know Shadow Jones that well, since she is typically a baby whenever she shows up.  And all the other children are original characters.  Meanwhile whenever a familiar turtle shows up, it’s about how they have changed in the past 16 years.  Now the rest of the cast (save Nobody) seems pretty similar to what we’re already used to.  And about the rest of the cast…

What sets all this in motion?  In “Present” day, the still-teenage turtles receive a mysterious item that turns out to be cursed, and after a lot of damage, Master Splinter sacrifices himself to protect his children.  Scattering them to the winds in the process.  For much of the story, Leo is away in Japan studying the cursed Kusanagi Katana that was sent their way, leaving a devastated Raphael to watch over what’s left of the family.  With Donatello “preoccupying himself” in an underground lab (even dirtier than that sounds, but in a MUCH scarier way than you’re thinking); and Michelangelo moving in with April and her family, that’s still manageable even in light of Raph’s own struggles.

Meanwhile the new teens (only one of them in a half shell) start out with an irritating day of school being interrupted in the most horrifying way, in one more fashion for making people afraid of giant talking turtles than they already were.  Suddenly finding himself in the reptilian body of his own killer, a young man named a Augustus is “adopted” and renamed Renoir as he and his old friend Shadow try to find answers that explain his current situation while he seeks his identity.  Meanwhile their girlfriend is more and more plainly connected to the curse as she too is pulled into this circle of events. Of course I would be remiss not to mention Bakabakashii, the parody side comic.  It draws from wider source materials, most notably a heavier draw from the 1987 series and the resulting Archie Comics.  Mona Lisa became a recurring character starting @:  Slash has also had a couple cameos.  This arc is my favorite:

Archie TMNT-Blind Date FAIL by Tigerfog

While the regular comic plays host to many themes and narratives ranging from the original Mirage comics to the (no longer canon) Image comics, but Bakabakashii throws in ALL the comics, including the Archie Comics drawn from the original 80’s cartoon.  It’s purely comedy, and I dearly miss it, but if pulling out that that energy means putting that energy back into the main series. Sadly their upload schedule can go nearly a year without posting.  But like Raph said in the first movie, “I sure hope there’s more of them!”  In the link above is today’s posting.  So there’s hope moving forward.

So after  pledged to focus on convention-relevant material, why am I bringing this up?
MNT Gaiden: Halloween 2007 by Tigerfog
All the
MNT Gaiden - Halloween 2006 by Tigerfog
MNT Gaiden - Happi time by Tigerfog
(Seriously, check out Mikey’s new mask.)


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