It and Cherry Blossom fraps.

DSC05585 watermarkedIf you are ordering multiple Frappuccinos, make one of them the new(ish) It frap. It placed an emphasis on Pennywise’s new red and white color scheme, and it is mercifully simple. Especially when you pair it with the much more complex Cherry Blossom frap. The chaste itself gives off the strawberry field before I even when you just have your straw at the very bottom although I had to walk home with mine first as shown in the picture. So it may have had some time. Personally I think it is better for it. But I’ll have to order another one to be sure. Not that I would mind. So the vanilla bean vanilla bean frap glorified is Gathering the actual Bean Moss around the edge of the cup bottom. And my only remaining advice is ask for the freeze-dried strawberries as a topping because it showed in the picture on the secret menu website, but not in the recipe.? How is that? Well the movie came out after sakura con and Comic Con last year. And this spring time after a movie hits you’re going to see a lot more cosplayer stressed after that movie. So if you’re going is Pennywise, any Pennywise the Clown, you can add your experience by drinking Pennywise.
Cherry Blossom Recipe Here:
Years ago at my old account, some of you will remember me sharing my thoughts on the Sakuracino at Sakuracon with you. The original. And I’ve had one each year since.  So, when I discovered a Cherry Blossom Frappuccino, I was intrigued to explore something like we could order all year round. Unlike the Sakuracino which calls for a special syrup added into the whipped cream.  Which is much like the zombie frap that I tasted but didn’t get notes on for all of you. My bad. The Sakuracino changes, constantly adapting and evolving each year. But this lets you switch things up a bit and impress your fellow attendees. Although the recipe is a bit complicated. If you recite it item-by-item instruction by instruction, that is impressive and it sounds crueler than it needs to with regards to the barista. Ugly wood go big or go home on your orders. But now for the actual flavor.  I cannot tell the matcha from the strawberries. At least not after I weights following several big ships. Now I like both, so that’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned. But it makes describing it’s a bit of a challenge. The sides are lined with white mocha and matcha mix, and they dissolve into drink very quickly.

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