Shamrock and Pokeball Fraps.

DSC05587 watermarked
The Shamrock was minty of course, has all Shamrock drinks are. At this point I’m surprised they don’t have Shamrock tea on the shelves. I wonder if real clover is actually edible. I know there’s clover honey. Maybe you could throw actual honey into a shamrock drink once in a while. Because Clover and Shamrock I’m under the impression as I dictate this plant. Of course given the American Honey shortage, and that the price is kept stable by importing (potentially) poisonous Chinese honey, I’m glad they don’t go that route. And it’s not racist, just my thoughts on their health and safety standards. Lots of heavy minerals in there:
But enough about why things should not be a certain way they already are not. Let’s see how I think of the actual flavor. The minty taste reminds me of the way that matcha powder generally tastes minty in the first place in a Starbucks frappe.
Now the Pokeball frappe, is a pretty take on a strawberries and cream drink. The strawberry flavor comes out pretty immediately. And the fact that it comes from curare instead of just a syrup, is reassuring about the shooter quantity and various nutrients. Still and hit you pretty hard fast. I’m involuntarily shivering as I dictate this, but that might be because of temperature. These are cold drinks. There’s really nothing about eating or drinking this that’s too surprising, given the simple list of ingredients. So all I can think of to go on is this one last notes that applies to both drinks.  And speaking of dictation, how have I done with
Yet toppings on the whip cream or just skip the whipped cream. These are both specialized whipped creams in the recipe, and the odds of a native Starbucks store having the mixed whipped cream ahead of time are very low. So just chop your Shamrock whipped cream and matcha powder guess that’s green anyway, and your Pokeball whipped cream in strawberry puree and dried strawberry slices period or just skip it would be better for you anyway. Although they might be around in time for Comic-Con, because comic cons of beginning of March and St. Patty’s Day is in March.

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