Star Wars and Pokemon Fraps for cons.

DSC05590 watermarked
The Pokemon Go frap has nothing in or about it that brings to mind Pokemon go, but it does have a picture of Mewtwo next to it (on it’s Secret menu page). I am aware that in 2018 this is a little bit dated, but I felt it was more convention appropriate then something based on Girl Scout cookies (there were three Girl Scout Cookie-based recipes I found on the secret menu, and they sell at con). Will get to how to get your fix without palm oil when they start returning to the streets.  I have something unique in mind to address that with hot cocoa.  
But onto the frap itself, the frap is rather tart. Which is not surprising given the raspberry syrup and whole blackberries blended in and added to it. It is still plenty sweet though. I’m actually glad there were no additives to whipped cream, I’d like to just focus on the frap flavor itself. But the standard taste of whip cream does not detract from its or hurt.
The Green Master tastes a lot like coffee. I can’t make out the caramel or matcha powder nearly as much as the job of flavor, and my barista accidentally added chocolate sprinkles to the mix, but I’m not complaining. I’m not going to waste the whole thing because one (extra) ingredient is off.  Free drink, after all. Honestly I think they suited it just fine. Especially on account of the Java in this. The neurostimulants topped with sugary caramel, sounds like an ideal Kickstart for a force-user, given how much brain power it must take to suppress that much emotion while retaining that much Focus.
Well, that’s it for a while. My giveaway week to get free Grande handcrafted drink with every sandwich ended before I could post this today. So I’ve got some sandwiches to stockpile for my new for work for lunch at my new job, I’ve sample and written up a bunch of fraps for you based on popular culture you’ll likely encounter at these conventions, probably at one of the Starbucks below Seattle link and have a great Emerald City Comicon and Sakuracon.

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