Fandom Foodie’s Rules for Procuring Tea Leaves

I figured that since I was the one taking initiative on harvesting the family’s Huckleberry leaves years ago after the bush got trimmed, I should apply what I did and what I saw into a procedure for the next time.  I have applied what worked and what didn’t into the following list, and having applied it successfully for years I’ve elected to share it with all of you. This is not limited exclusively to Huckleberry leaves but it won’t work on just anything.  For the benefits of huckleberry leaves, look here:  They’re similar in shape and nutrition to blueberry leaves, but I primarily pursue this tea to keep the diabetes away.  More on that here:

1)      Before any plucking or cutting is to take place, lay a clean surface on the ground to place the trimmings on.  This way contaminates from the ground are kept away from the leaves we will be consuming.

2)      Make sure you only cut in small enough segments to fit on that filter.

3)      If this be a berry plant, you may be liable to come across berries, depending on the time of year and the plant’s health.  Bring a berry tote.  The fruit will not dry so fast and thorough as the leaf.

4)      The wind, FEAR THE WIND.  You will need walls and shelter at all times to keep your crop from blowing away.  Dry them on surfaces that have walls, like in a tub or a bowl.  When the sun gets too low, you’ll need to use something flat, but the surface area needs to be small enough to block the wind with something taller.

5)      There is no set procedure.  This is a first-time thing, so I will make changes later.

6)      Keep a thin layer of leaves in your container to dry, have a second container to hold the collected leaves waiting to be dried and a third for the ones that have been sun-dried.  2 Wide metal bowls for added sun exposure and reflection and a flat surface or two to hold and expose thin layers.

7)      Shortly before Noon, move the leaves on the other side of the house.  The sun will have started to reach that spot by then.

8)      By 8pm, bring them inside.  Even in the summer, it’s just too cold by then.


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