Evergreen Handwarmer for ECCC 2018

Evergreen Handwarmer
So, one night I had to duck in from the cold. And this is going to be very relatable come Emerald City Comicon and when it might actually still be snowing. It is snowing here as I dictate this. It is below freezing in Seattle. Winter is extending, and winter is coming. To a place where people actually dress up as white walkers. That’s going to look so freaky in the outdoor shots. But here’s a problem, liquid is one of the words in LCD screens. So when it gets too cold, things like digital cameras stop working as well. This and that, it’s just you deserve a heads up. Don’t be out too long with your camera if you want to keep using it.
But storytime’s over.  This is actually about a drink. If you’re over budget and you need something hot, I’ve already detailed that the convention center in downtown Seattle is surrounded by various Starbucks here: https://fandomfoodie.wordpress.com/2018/01/09/star-shells-or-half-bucks-part-1/.  Just order a Venti Hot Water, 3 or more slices of lime and 8 cane sugar packets. You let it all steep and melt together, and you have the Evergreen Hand Warmer. Does wonders to protect your hands from the cold. And if you’re going to be operating a camera like me, you’re going to need your fingers exposed. So these little things will really come in handy. The actual taste is more like scalding sweet water with a kiss of lime than anything else. But given the ingredients for portions, that’s not surprising. I suppose if you wanted more you could get it in a reusable cup. Or just hold on to those lime wedges and get a hot water refill with more limes. Honestly I like it for both flavor and most importantly warmth, but my dentist will probably disapprove. Lots of sugar and citric acid, period. Although given how many calories you’re going to need to maintain your body heat, you’re definitely going to need the extra calories. I’m not exaggerating. Speaking of maintaining body heat, who’s going to be toughing out the cold in their cosplay this year?  I’m going to be skipping it for Comic-Con this year.  One week out as I write this and we still have some snow on the ground.  See you there, hopefully without chattering teeth.

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