Steak and Shake

Safe Space by FandomFoodie

(Screwup admission time.  I cannot locate the picture file featuring my meal, or the footage I made walking from Benoroya Hall on 3rd ave & Union in Seattle over one block and my notes on the surrounding attractions between the hall which is 4 blocks from the south entrance of the convention center.  By Union Square.  So sorry.  And frustrated.  VERY Frustrated.  )

Founded in 1938, Steak and Shake still maintains a classic Drive-In Diner feel. Even though the one I ate at, is in a strip mall in downtown. They have unfolding paper toys for all ages to keep the small and loud ones entertained, and photographs in black and white of their vintage past.  They’re advertising features glass glasses for milkshakes, but they are delivered in paper. That feels more like conventional fast food experience to me. Meat tasted like actual steak section of the cow, and these are Steakburgers they are selling so it ought to. Friendly service, and handy accessible location to various events in downtown Seattle.

And before we get into the actual flavor of the steak and shake, something of note about Steak and Shakes that I did not get you before. These premises are on the same block as Wild Ginger (Voted #1 Asian Fusion Eat) but if you go downhill along the same block, you find a Seattle Art Museum. Seattle Art Museum has on the first Thursday and the first Saturday of any given month, free admission.  Both of which are on Emerald City Comicon Weekend.  The tickets are good for seven days, and they can be used at Seattle Asian Art Museum at Volunteer Park.  So if you need a break from the convention, or in this case Comic-Con, you can enjoy some free culture and art.
 Navigation notes: The official website is; the directions are How to get to Seattle Steak and Shake from Convention Centerbut I recommend just going down Union Street.  Now onto the meal…


The milkshake I had was the limited edition Red Velvet cake shake.  Thusly I wondered how they flavored it.  Then I noticed that the shake felt kind of granular to me, and once I was through that cherry and the cream, I saw they had blended in crumbs of actual red velvet cake into the mixture.  Beyond that, all I can say is that the whip cream was unflavored, and the marashino cherry, aside from having those stem, went down a lot easier than I’m used to. I’m normally not a cherry guy, but at least this one had no pit.  The shakes had an interesting caveat to them.  For the sake of exploring I bought a “plain” Red Velvet shake.  You can buy them at their regular price, or you can pay extra to have additives like the regular milkshake flavors. What is unusual, is that the Oreos don’t cost extra… the Oreos are a sort of freebie.  Throw in literally any of their other typical shake flavors with the cake ingredients, and you have a small upcharge.  This red velvet flavor will be around through Comic-Con but not as far out as Sakuracon.
My entree was their Quacamole burger.  The Guac Burger was actually pretty spicy they mentioned the spicy mayo is available on the side period for dipping fries in. If you ask for no fries and which I did, your order is $0.70 cheaper.  I really couldn’t taste much of the guacamole, course I will through it pretty quickly. And I was glad I could not taste the raw tomato. Normally I’d ask tomatoes like that grilled or removed, but no substitutions when you want to write about the actual product. Two patties, and you can taste the steak in this. They said it’s all made from scratch here and I believe it. The sauce, the burgers, and the guacamole. Definitely made here made fresh, and actually quite prompt for freshly made. Normally I associate this speed of service with just reheating frozen patties. Normally when I have a guacamole burger there’s a huge mess left behind but only a few droplets were left.  Easily cleaned. So I managed to get all of my money’s worth.
Sources: (Maybe a way for attendees to save some time and energy)

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