Cosplay and Social Conventions

I have Asperger’s Syndrome.  People keep telling me they want me to write from my Apserger’s perspective to help other people on the spectrum.  Well I have a lot more than that going on with me, including childhood PTSD (which may have been misdiagnosed ENTIRELY as ADHD) and… as a result I don’t personally see how my particular lens can help anyone else without such a vast brain juice cocktail.  Nevertheless I was determined to give it a shot this year, and one of the few areas I feel equipped to deal with this is describing my convention experiences and lessons from them that I can impart to you.  Starting with Emerald City Comicon 2018.  This is late because I work so much of the week, and I will be doing this topic by topic.  So I will be posting more later, this is just ECCC 2018 topic no 1.  Not everything in here is from personal experience.  So let’s start with cosplay.  Plenty of room for social lessons there.  Cosplay is not consent, after all.

Cosplay and Social conventions. by FandomFoodie
So I saw a woman over the weekend who strongly resemble the Black Canary and outfit and hair and what not, but was not in Cosplay.  (Not the woman in the picture, this is just for Black Canary visual reference.  I don’t even know the name)  This is important, because when we ask you types are on a roll we do not always roll with the punches. 1) we were in the Dealer’s Hall. You do not move people around in the Dealer’s Hall. There is a steady stream and Flow of people constantly moving. And in that dealer’s hall traffic you hop from one current to another. You DO NOT swim against that current like a carp that wants to be a dragon, you do not move people through it, and even if you’re near a blank space to get some quick snap shots. See when someone is just dressed really cool what you should do in any convention situation. With some exceptions where you just don’t do it all. Is you take a singular full body shot and you move on. Instead I asked her to move into a corner just outside the current. And that got my shooting privileges revoked. Remember taking that shot is a privilege that someone else gives you. You are never entitled to take someone’s picture.
Also a social etiquette rule that we should also consider here. Just because some college rules apply to conventions like note taking during a panel and asking for permission use a voice recorder, does not mean that convention rules apply to a costume setting. It’s not just the ACT of dressing up and some kind of outfits that has to be considered.  It’s also the setting where you do it. Costuming is typically an irregular part of society, whereas it is a more regular part of the experience in nerd culture.
And finally, just because it’s crunch time, con is closing, you’re in the zone and you just HAVE to get those last few pics… don’t make a drop in your conduct.  Don’t call out to people, by their outfits or otherwise.  Don’t forget these other points I’ve mentioned, when you’re in …admittedly the heat of the moment.  And whatever else you’ve learned about social structure and courtesy from anywhere else in your life, that still applies.
So, please let me know in the comments what you think.  If you or anyone you know has Aspergers, or any Syndrome similiar in social situations, does this sound relevant?

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