A dictation Multi-tool to cover your weekend.

I have found that a more efficient and productive way to capture my thoughts in real time is to dictate into my email app and send the message to myself in real time.  Then I get home and copy the email here on WordPress and clean up the wording and it’s as easy as that.  If you have a barrier of sorts between typing as I sometimes do, this is a very handy wordaround.
That said, my email app is by far the WORST at accurately capturing my words, but it is the only one I can transfer them with.   If I don’t get on correcting them right away, I have sometimes NO idea what I was originally trying to convey based on the words on the screen.  So right after catching a review of Starbuck’s Black Panther Tie-In Drink,  and comparing it my improved version, My work hours picked up again, HARD.  Much longer shifts, nearly each day of the week.  When I finally lifted my head to look around, so much time had passed I had NO idea what I’d been saying into the phone.  So to cement this cautionary tale about punctuality and memory, please see the following.

And now, if you can make sense if it, here is “Black Panther Coffee vs. Black Panther Coffee.”

“The first Black Panther Coffee was called the king. It was one of their superhero coffee versus superhero coffee, so for events you had to try two flavors. Naturally, they had excellent business even at the 4th & Seneca location.

But you needed to get through mocha on coffee flavor. Fred’s Pizza Express Irwin there. And I see sludge that needed the fall before I could be drunk. Well the icing is certainly fit something in the movie. And all that coffee and a touch of chocolate was good for relating to Farmers which was what con discover.
Wow that taste it and looked wildly derivative from what we’ve seen before, I as per usual when I invent drinks used only elements from the movie and only year-long ingredients to create something much more distinctive. I took 3 shots BlackBerry to reflect the purple motif of t’challa and added it to one iced mocha covering the coffee and chocolate that grows in abundance in Africa, the ice. The purple in the blackberries also covers the heart shaped flower. Meanwhile I asked that the cream because it. Or at least chocolate Sun some form done to resemble the necklace. The way it went in those curves actually worked in its favor for that, but once the lid was down it was kind of ruined. But of course this was the first new suits Black Panther Coffee, find the name of his suit in this movie. And I’m sure more practice would get better results. Speaking the better results, it’s not only tastes better and looks more distinctive, also cheaper. I’m going to say my free drink for the super suit version, which adds one package of strawberries, one scoop matcha powder, one protein, and one more iced mocha.”

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