Sakuracon 2018 Original Drinks I made

 These are both Starbucks Smoothies that I concocted with my free drink opportunities over Sakuracon 2018 Weekend.  Word of Warning: the second one is based on Mortal Kombat.  There is a fan theory posted after the 2nd recipe and reaction, with a bunch of external links to Mortal Kombat material.  I need to post this warning because Mortal Kombat brought shock value to mainstream gaming, and they are why we have the gaming rating setting.  So click them at your own risk.

DSC06292 Links energy stamina potion 2.0 Sakuracon Easter Weekend 2018 Starbucks Grren Tea Base Smoothie custom free drink I invented

Link’s Stamina Potion 2.0
Here I have a sequel to my old Link’s stamina potion. The reason I didn’t tell you about the last one, is that this was meant to be something you could order at Starbucks with a free drink, and it was my response to the local Starbucks having a specialty drink at each Sakuracon.  But before I became your favorite foodie (#YMMV) Starbucks discontinued the Kale and Sweet Greens Blend that I would incorporate into it.  After the loss of the kale I tried substituting with blueberries, but when they shifted out the combination of bottled “Sweet Greens” and “Super Greens” I had to just scrap the whole thing.
So I thought Sakuracon would be a good time to perfect the Link’s Stamina Potion 2.0. And as you can see from the picture, this gets around Starbucks pricing a little. If you don’t order this as a free drink, can actually order this for the family. 2 venti drinks, and one (ironically named) tall cup, from one a drink order. The reason this is called 2.0 is  that at the time I formed the FandomFoodie (or Phantom Booty, as auto-correct sees me) they had stopped releasing several of the ingredients that were necessary to my original Link’s Stamina Potion formula. And as you can see from the picture, this gets around Starbucks pricing a little. Even if you don’t order this is a free drink, you can actually order this for the family. As you can see 1 venti Green Tea as a base, 6 limes, 1 package of Blueberries, 1 bottle Super Greens, 2 bananas, 8 Matcha powders almost fills all 3 containers.  Throw in the 16 cinnamon, 8 nutmeg, and 8 vanilla at the end. Either in the overall blend or on top of some whipped cream like in the picture.  I’ll say this much.  That’s a pretty potent punch to the pallete.   Going back, I’d like to try BOTH versions of seasonings, and add 4, maybe 6 scoops of protein powder (and inquire whether I can throw in avacado spread or not) to make sure that I get in enough to really fill that third cup.
Brutality Drink RecipeDSC06221 Mortal Kombat Brutality drink Sakuracon Seattle WA 2018 named for difficulty

Recipe: three limes, two bananas, for protein, 8 months, 6 packets of blueberry, 6 packets of freeze dried blackberry, and begin with a venti cream-based green tea Frappuccino. I honestly couldn’t tell if I could taste the Blackberry, banana, or the cream more.  Of course, seeing as how I had a free drink, I figured I’d get some of my money’s worth back.  

Here is a little tale of me abusing power. I had a free drink option at Starbucks, and I decided to take when it was worth. The following is a venti drinks or stuff it almost feels too then d-cups. I recommend it for date night. I initially thought to call this the Brutality because I thought my order was a bit much for the baristas, but they assured me that it was no trouble.  One wonders then what they consider a troublesome order?

DSC06236 watermarked Saturday Skarlett Khtoal Khan MKX MK9 Mortal Kombat Midway WB Games Netherealm Studios

And when I saw these crazy kids, the sheer pandering to Mortal Kombat fans proved impossible to resist and the name stuck.  By the way how do you like my Skarlet and Kotal Khan photo?  Soon as I saw them worn by a couple, I immediately figured the head canon that would explain their pairing.  Before her partnership w/ Reiko, Kotal marries this creation of Shao Khan, Outworld’s most celebrated rulerHer blood tie to the throne, his own ambitions to govern for Outworld’s wellbeing, and their mutual enemy in Mileena.  If he offered custody of Mileena (weighing her status as queen upon the duration of Mileena’s survival, providing centuries for torture) as a dowry to his new bride that might stabilize her enough to maintain the throne.  If that sounds extreme, keep in mind this is Mortal Kombat we’re talking about… now let Let Ship to Ship Kombat Begin!   Special thanks to the Gravity Ninja herself for the inspiring cosplay.


Musings on Sakuracon 2018

I’ve been going to Seattle’s Sakuracon since before it was IN Seattle.  So I’ve been going to EVERY Sakuracon since 2005 shown here for the memories (Specifically, my discovery and exploration of it the final year that it was at the hotels nearest the SeaTac Airport, before buying a pass and attending properly on the Final Day.)  Thus I have been attending since the very last day before it was at the Washington State Trade and Convention Center.  And I have attended every day since.  As such I have seen features of the Easter Weekend festivities come and go.  As well as features of the surroundings.  So there facets of and opportunities in the area that are perhaps known only to me.  But I won’t test that by broadcasting them in a poll.  Some of these are only viable if you don’t tell to many people.  But I certainly don’t mind telling you about this year’s show.  Or what to look forward to spying a peak at next year.  Say, things easily reached, but not on the brochure.

Here’s a collection of observations and other musings I had about Sakuracon 2018.  Some things have changed, others have remained the same.  For instance, the oft-neglected Cyber-Dog cafe by the convention center has been replaced by a Grilled Cheese Experience outlet.  Before now, I thought the GCE was exclusively a food truck business.  I’ve previously reviewed them on Tripadvisor and Yelp, but they thought that was too commercial.  I get where they were coming from, and I was a rookie at that kind of review, writing it in real time as I ate.  So my GCE reviews are no longer up, live and learn.

I’ll be focusing less on Panels and contests than on social interaction, as people keep asking me to write from my “unique perspective.”  Referring to my mix of Aspergers, Childhood PTSD (Which might explain my ADHD symptoms) and more “good stuff” than I can even name offhand.  Naturally since I have so much more than has ever been (considered) on the Autism Spectrum, I’m not sure what good I will be.  I don’t even have relevant inspiration that often.  But since I know that cons are a mecha for people like me to find acceptance and moments of joy, I figured I had some inspiration to work with.  Whereas my attempts at such from ECCC were individual photographs each devoted to a different lesson, this will be laying down all of my Sakuracon lessons in one go, for your one stop reference.  Original recipes and photography found elsewhere.

Now since I did so many zags where I normally zig, I skipped what I normally attend and would report on, because that’s pretty much limited to contests you can find on YouTube.  Specifically the AMV Contest and the cosplay skit contest. though there is something to be said for experiencing fan projects on big screens with big speakers.  Something that can’t be replicated just pulling them off the net.  AMV Contest is here: and the Skit Contest is here.

But I did attend a couple of events on the schedule, while wishing SO badly that the 2 events I made had gotten ONTO the schedule in the first place.  I’ll be dealing with my thoughts on those events after I get through with the lessons I can pass onto you from the Easter Weekend holiday.  Clearly this was some time ago, but between 2 jobs and researching the #changethechannel scandal that came out LITERALLY the day after, I’ve been pulled 4 ways and been 4 times as slow.  The lessons are as follows…

Ask in time: The deadline to post is in early February.  For those 2 events I previously mentioned, I just missed it, So I had to settle for making events in a Facebook Group.  Then because I phrased them as duplicates for Friday and Saturday, they each got taken down and replaced by someone else who I had to coordinate through.  So the big takeaway is to check your deadlines and other rules AS SOON as you get an idea.  Or barring that, have your completed proposal AS SOON AS panel submissions are available next year.  My first proposal was trying to find a panel for people to meet each other, but I miscalculated the deadline.  And when I tried to make a Photoshoot in a Facebook Group, I had to miss the actual Aspergers/Autism meetup because they were at the same time.  Maybe if they were in the same schedule they wouldn’t have been, but we’ll never know.

Learn your Sleep Hygeine needs: No matter how badly you want to catch that Cosplay Swimsuit contest or any other Cosplay after Dark event, you might not be able to stay up for it because of what you need to prepare the next day or the time of day and night you need to rise and rest on a regular basis.

Pack as you go: whenever you take something out, put it back ASAP.  That way you don’t waste Sunday morning packing and triple-checking.  And on the subject of packing, be careful taking any food with you.  Don’t carry any large containers with you unless you are driving or carpooling.  Trust me.  And bring a cooler if you do.  You can have the micro-fridge emptied for you, but it’s so unusual that it may take MANY requests and hours for it to get done.  Just ask an attendant on your floor ASAP.  Not that I would know.

Just say no: So, when you turn the corner near Westlake square or when you are near the lobby entrance to the convention center, you will see people trying to hawk as much of their goods for whatever they can get. And once one of them has your attention or you try to discuss anything with them whatsoever the other swarm in they talk fast they don’t stop making noise between them, so they’re pretty good at making sure one person is finished the sentence before the next begins one. That way you’re not confused you’re just under a lot of Rapid pressure. It feels like you have to desiel some kind of deal to get out of there but beware. So more seconds you wait the more of their where’s they physically caught in your hands. I’m not describing who did what or who talked what because this is not specific to anyone group or entity. This is a practice that is not limited two specific areas of downtown Seattle. If you ever find yourself in this situation get. Out.

You don’t owe them anything, no matter what cause they say they have. And yeah, you can lapse. It happens. It has happened to me, and I have never used any of what I bought just to get away from them. If you ask around and figure out if anyone is practicing practice, you can plan your trip in advance so you know how to avoid them. Saying no. If someone asks you you say no and just speed up get out of there before they congregate (no pun intended). So practice, practice, practice, practice(!) saying no. Find friends you can create simulation with, and I cannot stress this enough, practice and eventually it will become second nature when you need to apply it. Because if you just keep telling yourself in advance, that has no muscle memory, no special memory, nothing that’ll really bring it to mind when you need it. And given that they’re trying to volume down your throat, and jacking up the price for the number of items, it’s going to cost you a lot of financial pain in just a few seconds. So you need to build up your speed too. Let the pain I’ve experienced in the past be your lesson so you don’t have to feel it yourself.
Research in advance: I know you might not have a lot of time to look at the official schedule in advance.  It comes out generally less than a month in advance, but you can still download it on your phone to check in on things in real time.  So if you have anything AROUND the con that’s not part of the schedule, THAT’s what you study, memorize, and write down first.  I’ll be detailing dining and parks and public transit in the area later.  Stay tuned 😉

Sometimes sorry is the wrong thing to say: So, the SP attendee has put their foot in their mouth, and someone needed to tell them. Yeah it happens. But what they don’t tell you is that if you’re unprepared to apologize or you want to make something up to someone, consider what the sight of you lingering around will mean for them. It’s really really creepy to stalk someone, and many stalkers don’t actually realize that they are stalking. But if you just follow some around about the corner of their eye without giving them any contacts or understanding. You are stalking them!

Your intentions don’t matter, only your impact matters. If you don’t know how to apologize that in there, or you don’t have the opportunity semicolon it doesn’t matter you just leave them alone time and distance matter more for people’s moods then moods than wind and air. Your platitudes your struggle to explain yourself or or demonstrate. And will only keep the wounds open. You just leave them alone. And if you see them later, give them their space. Even if you have to go out of your way, you go out of your way to give them space and make sure they don’t see you. Let them go on their weekend even if you.. No exceptions.
Well, that’s it for the lessons.  Photography, footage and collages will be on Deviantart, Instagram, YouTube and Dailymotion.  Shared from there to Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more dining descriptions will be on Tripadvisor and Yelp.  I’ll also have more time to complete my Darkstalkers Vs. Street Fighter review, and to more fully research the ChangetheChannel Hashtag and scandal.  So far I’ve only seen testimonials from ChannelAwesome talent that has left, and other channels’ responses to the Company’s statements on the issue.