Sakuracon 2018 Original Drinks I made

 These are both Starbucks Smoothies that I concocted with my free drink opportunities over Sakuracon 2018 Weekend.  Word of Warning: the second one is based on Mortal Kombat.  There is a fan theory posted after the 2nd recipe and reaction, with a bunch of external links to Mortal Kombat material.  I need to post this warning because Mortal Kombat brought shock value to mainstream gaming, and they are why we have the gaming rating setting.  So click them at your own risk.

DSC06292 Links energy stamina potion 2.0 Sakuracon Easter Weekend 2018 Starbucks Grren Tea Base Smoothie custom free drink I invented

Link’s Stamina Potion 2.0
Here I have a sequel to my old Link’s stamina potion. The reason I didn’t tell you about the last one, is that this was meant to be something you could order at Starbucks with a free drink, and it was my response to the local Starbucks having a specialty drink at each Sakuracon.  But before I became your favorite foodie (#YMMV) Starbucks discontinued the Kale and Sweet Greens Blend that I would incorporate into it.  After the loss of the kale I tried substituting with blueberries, but when they shifted out the combination of bottled “Sweet Greens” and “Super Greens” I had to just scrap the whole thing.
So I thought Sakuracon would be a good time to perfect the Link’s Stamina Potion 2.0. And as you can see from the picture, this gets around Starbucks pricing a little. If you don’t order this as a free drink, can actually order this for the family. 2 venti drinks, and one (ironically named) tall cup, from one a drink order. The reason this is called 2.0 is  that at the time I formed the FandomFoodie (or Phantom Booty, as auto-correct sees me) they had stopped releasing several of the ingredients that were necessary to my original Link’s Stamina Potion formula. And as you can see from the picture, this gets around Starbucks pricing a little. Even if you don’t order this is a free drink, you can actually order this for the family. As you can see 1 venti Green Tea as a base, 6 limes, 1 package of Blueberries, 1 bottle Super Greens, 2 bananas, 8 Matcha powders almost fills all 3 containers.  Throw in the 16 cinnamon, 8 nutmeg, and 8 vanilla at the end. Either in the overall blend or on top of some whipped cream like in the picture.  I’ll say this much.  That’s a pretty potent punch to the pallete.   Going back, I’d like to try BOTH versions of seasonings, and add 4, maybe 6 scoops of protein powder (and inquire whether I can throw in avacado spread or not) to make sure that I get in enough to really fill that third cup.
Brutality Drink RecipeDSC06221 Mortal Kombat Brutality drink Sakuracon Seattle WA 2018 named for difficulty

Recipe: three limes, two bananas, for protein, 8 months, 6 packets of blueberry, 6 packets of freeze dried blackberry, and begin with a venti cream-based green tea Frappuccino. I honestly couldn’t tell if I could taste the Blackberry, banana, or the cream more.  Of course, seeing as how I had a free drink, I figured I’d get some of my money’s worth back.  

Here is a little tale of me abusing power. I had a free drink option at Starbucks, and I decided to take when it was worth. The following is a venti drinks or stuff it almost feels too then d-cups. I recommend it for date night. I initially thought to call this the Brutality because I thought my order was a bit much for the baristas, but they assured me that it was no trouble.  One wonders then what they consider a troublesome order?

DSC06236 watermarked Saturday Skarlett Khtoal Khan MKX MK9 Mortal Kombat Midway WB Games Netherealm Studios

And when I saw these crazy kids, the sheer pandering to Mortal Kombat fans proved impossible to resist and the name stuck.  By the way how do you like my Skarlet and Kotal Khan photo?  Soon as I saw them worn by a couple, I immediately figured the head canon that would explain their pairing.  Before her partnership w/ Reiko, Kotal marries this creation of Shao Khan, Outworld’s most celebrated rulerHer blood tie to the throne, his own ambitions to govern for Outworld’s wellbeing, and their mutual enemy in Mileena.  If he offered custody of Mileena (weighing her status as queen upon the duration of Mileena’s survival, providing centuries for torture) as a dowry to his new bride that might stabilize her enough to maintain the throne.  If that sounds extreme, keep in mind this is Mortal Kombat we’re talking about… now let Let Ship to Ship Kombat Begin!   Special thanks to the Gravity Ninja herself for the inspiring cosplay.


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