Viva Bastille Day!


Did you know that the colors Red, White, and Blue are by far the most prevalent colors between the world’s national flags?  So Kirkland Signature brand could sell these things practically year round on tour.  I’m pretty sure they’d make their money back.  Given that the chips contain only skinless slices of “Purple Majesty Blue,” “Crimson King,” “Chipeta and Atlantic” potatoes, flavored with Sunflower Oil and Sea Salt.  But enough of the all natural color and the theme, how do they taste?


  • The Red Chips taste of a stronger and earthier flavor.  And they somehow taste mildly of another type of salt.
  • The White Chips taste like a regular wavy potato chip without the potato skin.
  • The Blue Chips tasted richer, fuller, but just as salty, with a distinct flavor group I just couldn’t place amidst the familiar salt, oil and potato.  Was it Umami, the so-called “Fifth taste” after sweet, salty and the rest?


Needless to say, I’ll have my eye out next year, and try to save so I can buy up in bulk.  How about you?


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