How would you like me to honor Stan Lee?

On my Facebook, I have a poll for which Marvel-themed project I should do to tribute to the late Stan Lee. I also have the same poll on my page, but not only is that not nearly as answered, it also has opposing results. Next time I’ll just stick to Facebook.

The two options (because Facebook wouldn’t afford me more than that) are my pitch/in-depth description for one of the following:  An in-depth description of how I would design a Hard-SF Grant Greer Tigra for Marvel’s Powerless Imprint AND for their Ultimate Imprint, complete with a full backstory, narrative and wishlist of real world upgrades and augments I would put into the design, or a Marvel Zombies based Capcom vs reboot centered on A.I.M.Brella’s newest zombie outbreak ravaging a post-MVC-Infinite Earth.  I wouldn’t set anything on the Knowmoon stage, but Valkanda and New Metro City would appear.

According to my Deviantart page, the Tigra concept is winning out.  While this is undoubtably the most focused and simple (in-theory, anyway) project, but by no means does it sound easy to me.  In main Earth-616 Marvel continuity, Greer Grant was first the Cat, powered by scientific engineering, before becoming a supernatural catwoman.  But even with existing advances in genetic research, and other such discoveries, I see no way to achieve gene splicing on the scale to achieve such results.  After all, when science was used in her backstory, that was what made her into “The Cat,” becoming part tiger was a supernatural process.

File:Greer Grant (Earth-616) from Avengers The Initiative Vol 1 27 0001.png

And if you consider the shortcomings of various feline traits (digestion, endurance, sleep requirements, claw positions, etc) and the conspicuous lack of pads and a tail normally so advantageous for felines, I’m not sure why you would want to.

Instead I would go for more cosmetic changes to start with.  Not unlike the late Dennis Avner.  He was named Stalking Cat by a medicine man at age 10, and pursued an altered appearance to resemble his Tiger totem, following a stint in the Navy.  This transformation was “in accordance with Wynadot tradition.”

Taking female bodybuilders as our basis for style and method, and the world’s tallest model as our visual cue to build off of, we begin with implants, injections and tattoos to get not only the basics covered, but also cover most of the ground.  This would get the aesthetic of a Tiger woman, while trading the shortcomings for a unique set of added strengths, partially based on those of a tiger.  1) Muscles trained for power over endurance, 2) a wearable tail for counterbalance and steering, 3) new teeth for a better bite, 4) antennae whiskers and more.


Marvel Zombies vs. Capcom on the other hand, would be a series of posts instead of a lengthy research paper.  Both would be rife with citations, but since with one will be about a Dream Sequel video game trying to build off of a prior game’s story mode AND incorporating story points from all the Marvel Zombies stories from the 2000’s (including the Marvel Apes, the quickly intertwined with the Zombie stories).  The first will be premise and play style, the second will be roster, the third would be the storyline and storytelling style, and then how I would advertise it.  Finally the remaining installments would be devoted to each of the DLC character packs with any corresponding unlockable content, and various other points brought up by my readers about designing this dream sequel.

In response to the problematic story modes in Street Fighter V and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, we’ll look at what worked, such as the fights being played as the victor and the # of villains to focus on, and what didn’t, such as so many longtime heavyweights being reduced to jobbers who never won a match and had such a diminished role in the plot like Guile.  And in the SFV cinematic style of the story mode, we see 30 years of characters, most of them Capcom, just standing around for most of this.  I’ll be examining these & looking for ways to salvage various characters and finding better ways to display cutscenes.

And obviously, since Disney put such restraints on game publishers after buying Marvel, Capcom was in a position where they could not call a spade a spade while trying to put a positive spin on effectively stripping MVC of it’s roots, and what made the series what it was by the time of the infamous merger.  They had a sheer lack of wiggle room for answering to their …conspicuous omissions.  This offered them more opportunities for damaging gaffes than maintaining trust.

So I’ll be needing to address not only Disney corporate consolidation and management, but also the current state of Marvel the publisher.   Most people are only familiar with Marvel through the MCU, but Marvel Comics has jettisoned almost everyone who appears in the movies from the books.  If you want to appeal to general audiences, is there any room for newcomers replacements like Ironheart or Amadeus Bro?  Like, at all?

So there’s the gist of each of the two options for the poll.  I wish I had sent this fully in advance at the same time I released the polls.  Well, I have this out ASAP, and this polls will be up for another month and more.  So I hope this has done its job and given you a good idea of what you’re all in for with each option.

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Arby’s Thanksgiving Turkey

20181109_120706[1] Arby's Gobbler 11 9 2018 Watermarked

The sandwich had a unique aspect to it. Not simply the Cranberries, which combined with the turkey give it a very American Thanksgiving feel. But the way that the cranberry substance on top of the sandwich interacted with the spread on the bottom. This mix of unique and seasonal with long-running convention provided a flavor filter of sorts that permeated the entire sandwich and drowned out everything I would normally try to pick out, if the Swiss or the Tomato were to be tasted at all they were Blended in with the rest of the flavor. I found this a very welcome a change of pace. I had a side salad instead of conventional fried outings as my side in my meal, and I must say that rounded out the Thanksgiving dinner filled to my lunch quite nicely. Although I should add the caveat that I had nothing but a bowl of lettuce for reasons. Normally I would not have gone that route. But this time I’m glad I did. My primary complaint is not anything with the sandwich, it’s with the rest of the limited time only options. There was nothing pumpkin or dessert, that would have rounded out the traditional Trifecta of cranberry turkey and pumpkin for this time of year. If they had replaced the standard sandwich fixings on the bottom with stuffing, and the sliced bread with pumpkin bread, you’d be pretty close to the Thanksgiving sandwich I designed for retail employees stuck working away from their families on the Holiday.  But sadly never got to test.  And certainly no dessert that would cap this off and maintain its seasonal feel. Other than that, gobble it up.