Another overdue project for 2019

#FireDidio Currently both Marvel and DC are both unknowingly sabotaging their products. When Marvel made this mistake in the 90’s, they nearly killed the whole industry on their own.
#MakeMineMaybe Now I personally ditched the Marvel Publisher after Ultimatum around 2009 (trigger warning). And I was never that big into DC. But I do know that many retailers and distributors (and most importantly JOBS) collapsed in the 90’s market. And we’re falling headfirst down that hole again.  With many voicing open NOSTALGIA for the 90’s.  Back when I was still reading, 90’s were a punchline worthy only of scorn.  (although it doesn’t get much more 90’s than Hawkeye’s mask purple cowl with exposed blonde hair in that trigger warning)
My way to address this involves covering #Backissues here on my WordPress. I also want to review #thirdparty publishers. Not DC, Not Marvel. Now I know CrossGen was also bought by Disney like Marvel Was, but they were dismantled. And Marvel did this to Malibu, so no helping them.

Scan_0046 Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers Issue 6 cover Page cropped

But I can nurture collector speculation, revive some brand awareness, and encourage purchasing power at outlets that help them weather this storm. Even if temporarily. You can find them at https://fandomfoodie.wordpress.comin 2019, when I’m not working on whichever Stan Lee tribute project you choose.


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