New Year, New Plans, New Drink

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January is almost over, and Chinese New Year is right around the corner.  Now that we’ve made our resolutions and we’re just about to go through the last New Year according to one calendar or another, we should be sober enough… to say “Oh, what have I done?”

As for myself, I asked for a venti green tea frap, same as the original Sakuracino was based on.  I then added quadruple matcha, 3 bananas (not my usual 2), and ask them to enter the contents of at least two mint Melody tea bags. Not brewed tea, just empty and insert their minty contents the before blending.  They are no longer carrying protein. So 1 ingredient removed to make one of my recipes impossible in advance. Normally this kind of thing happens after I post one.  The initial taste is (naturally) very rich in banana, though through a filter of matcha.  The aftertaste is a little more mint than matcha, though I’d call the difference marginal.  But at least it’s not bananas twice.  Next time I tried asking for 8 bags Mint Majesty.  I couldn’t get Mint Majesty, but even with 8 bags of Jade Citrus Mint, it was no less dominated by banana, perhaps even more so.  And on that note, a barista mentioned to me that one customer had them insert an ENTIRE bag (paper and all).  So naturally, they remembered me the next time they saw me.

The picture is off because I had to run to my appointment, drinking one of them along the way. Well the whipped cream on the other one sloshed around a bit.  I will try to do another one.  All I had do was order one drink, and fill 2 venti cups with it.  Good for date night, but I’d recommend it for any cons you’ll be attending this year.  Speaking of which, I have an engagement that has come up over Easter Weekend.  And so I will be unable to cover Sakuracon this year.  Figures that it’s also the first year that the area’s local Blue C Sushi will be out of business.  Many have already loudly missed it, I wonder how many will miss me.