Marvel Zombies Vs. Capcom Intro (dedicated to the late Stan Lee)

So it’s a little late, but I have been trying to organize my thoughts.  There’s going to be a lot of entries in this series, that will be too long to post in a single article.  I have to address the ending of MVC 3.5’s story mode.  And determine which changes to playstyle I want.  So how does this fit in to my Mortal Kombat versus Capcom Challenge Series or as a tribute to the late Stan Lee?

Well for the former, I want to shift the command inputs in ways that coincide with MK Inputs.  There’s also the fact that these are rotting people-eating variants of returning characters.  Their win poses would involve eating someone (Pet characters like Ryu are gonna have to sit this one out, or be drastically changed).  Now if this could be published as T for Teen in the comics, then it could be published as T for Teen in a video game.  That was the rating of Darkstalkers Resurrection, and look at all the blood in those animations.  Since Mortal Kombat prefers to save its gore for the end of the match, and this features spreads it out more thinly throughout.  More blood, lower rating.

Meanwhile life and death are really not that big a deal in Capcom story modes these days. And while the original MK Timeline treated death like something optional even when it was canon. Let’s go with middle ground again. This will be an A.I.M.Brella outbreak, with it’s own rules dealing out it’s own damage. Human population will be down to 40%, and dropping. And the team of characters you start with in Arcade Mode will likely not be the same as the ones you end with. In this story, Death. Sticks. She even appears as a Story Mode supporting character.

And for the latter, special attention will be paid to characters personally created by Stan the Man, and the era of 1970s Marvel. That is when the world that he made truly hit its stride in my opinion. And since into the spider-verse recently hence digital release, I’ll also be paying special attention to Spider-Man variant characters plus characters from Marvel and Capcom alike who have a spider motif.  The second Black Widow had her brain inserted into a Super Adaptoid that took the form of its superhuman opponent.  That would be a good option for a CPU opponent.

Examples of Stan Lee originals include adding Ravage 2099 (one of Stan’s later works) to the team of Exiles sent to backup the Marvel heroes in repelling the zombies, that Exiles team being composed mostly of Spider-Men.  Iron Fist getting an upgrade based on the time that he impersonated Daredevil to cover for Matt Murdock (Daredevil created by Stan Lee), and all of the founding Avengers and Loki having roles to play in the main story mode.  Finally have Fred Frederickson II (one of his famous cinematic cameos) from the ending of Big Hero 6 be playable in a DLC pack (see below).

Finally I will be addressing how the X-Men (Also made by Stan Lee) got shafted in the last 2 MVC games. The most special attention will be paid to assessing which non-mutant characters from various X titles could be added to the roster, and which mutant characters from non-X titles would also be added to the roster. Now that Disney has bought Fox, who knows how long it’s going to take to untangle the mess they made who is distributing the X properties and other such. For now this would probably be the best we could get.

This project will extend to imagining DownLoadable Content packages, mostly the rosters.  One of the ideal DLC character roster Stan Lee original characters, Ultimo Stripperella Firestar, stuff from outside of Marvel.  Up to and including Nightcat.  Though I should probably draw the line there…