As American internet dies, so does another video sharing site.

It seems striking that this ends the day after Net Neutrality gets voted down.  When sites are charged more in order to stream, will anything other than YouTube and Facebook survive?  I was still looking into this site and it’s rules when I got the news, too.  Go figure.  Dailymotion is still hanging in there, but maybe just barely.  If any of you wish to support me in these dark times, please subscribe to FandomFoodie on Youtube, Dailymotion and follow me on Facebook.  Best of luck.


Starbucks 2017 cups and fare.

If we lose Net Neutrality, sites like Dailymotion will no longer be witnessed in the United States. I branch out to other monetizing sites so I’m not just relying on any one site to monetize or gather an audience. When Net Neutrality’s gone, YouTube’s going to have even more of a monopoly than it already does.
With that said, today’s offering is a bit late. Meant to be around Black Friday, I responded to a loss I will not describe here by eschewing the mandatory cheer I’m supposed to share in December. I’ve noticed that it raises expectations, and with them stress and hostility. Perfect for this time of year.
And ironically fitting the reaction that certain “media figures” have to today’s topic. Starbucks Holiday Cups/Sleeves. And the new Hot Latte flavor. As well as the new Whoopie Pie (not a euphamism) flavor, and the returning turkey holiday sandwich. Why don’t the pundits panic over anything called “Whoopie Pie?”

Goodwill Unboxing reviews

Well, I was brought down by a lingering illness.  Over Halloween, and since this blog is 4th on my list of priorities, that REALLY slowed me down.  My apologies.  (More traffic and support would raise it on my priorities list)

I know it’s late, but I caught a nasty Halloween bug.  Perfect for the night when the barrier between the living and the dead was once said to be it’s thinnest.


The “Snottermelon” (watermelon) flavor was the only one of any keen or strong flavor.  The “Sour Green Boogy” (sour green apple) and Lemon Loogy were both very mild but more sour than anything else, although I could tell them apart from each other.
Actual appearance of them I was mildly lumpy, but mostly that I’m a typical Gumdrop. Even the artificial colors didn’t have much differentiation. The sour green apple had very little shift between it’s and the watermelon, and a little bit more but still not a lot between it and 11. This is a FAR cry from the pictures on the box. 
So in closing I would say this was an interesting curiosity and I’m glad I tried it glad I got it on the cheap. There was an interior freshness bag that I had to cut open and I’m definitely grateful for that, it was a nice touch. But next time I would get this as a gift or something to share with a friend never to have on my own.
When I cook pumpkin seeds, and check out my snap crackle and pop article on deviantART Square there is a photo for sale., I use olive oil and some kind of salt mix typically of light flavor so you just taste the pumpkin seed in the oil. Well with the pumpkin kernels they use peanut oil and generic salt so I just tasted peanut while feeling a crunch and and something mildly salty. It was very hard to taste the actual Colonel. I don’t know if they went to the extra time and effort to Shell pumpkin seeds because it would make it leaner somehow, but I was definitely the biggest difference. Between the store bought and my home made.
The blacklight was just a blacklight.  No surprises there.  Well, onto the seasonal pumpkin spice review.  Sorry again that this was so late.  I promise that my Thanksgiving recipe for those trapped in retail WILL be on time.  Take care now, stay healthy.

Celestial Seasonings Fruit Tea Sample Review

True Blueberry

After multiple samplings, I found that it was not exactly consistent how much the initial blueberry flavor carried over from one helping of hot water to the next. Typically in a fruit tea like pomegranate or blueberry or something else you will have in the first cup a veritable explosion of fruit color and fruit flavor. And then in the next cup with the same bag it will be all about the leaf. But this time or one of the times with this bag type, some blueberry carried over into a second helping. Very pleasant surprise.
Now on to the actual flavor. Fairly strong and Rich blueberry flavor, but since this is pure blueberry trueblue, that’s simply living up to advertising. But notice that use the word true instead of pure, cuz this is not sure but it invokes Purity to say true. Hibiscus, rose hips, orange peel, all of these come before anything a blueberry and wild blueberries and blueberry leaves are the last ingredient. Naturally I assumed wild blueberries because it’s not wild fits if it’s wild. But blueberry leaf a little surprising blackberry leaves before that and after our first look at Blueberry ingredients on the list. Since more blackberry leaf in here that blueberry leaf. Which is a definite Downer, because blueberry leaves are a lot like Huckleberry leaves. You use both to treat diabetes. I’m not sure the value and reward of blackberry leaves. Not just yet.

Raspberry Zinger

This tasted like the raspberry lemonade powder you would put into water or lemonade to go to bed of Fizz. I was always remembering Fizz when I drink this. Maybe that’s what the Zinger is supposed to be. And curiously, there are five ingredients for anything raspberry comes in, and raspberries last two. Hibiscus, rose hips, roasted chicory, Orange Peel, blackberry leaves, natural raspberry flavor with other natural flavors, raspberries and raspberry leaves. I did like it though. Good color good flavor.

Country Peach Passion

Normally when I have peach tea, it’s some kind of ginger peach tea. But there was no real ginger in here so it seemed actually quite a bit Milder I was actually able to enjoy this a touch more. Which is ironic I typically am not fond of peaches. I’m almost neutral about them when they’re dry but otherwise. I’ll pass. One other reason that’s why I have such mild flavor as far as Peaches goes quote natural Peach flavor with other natural flavors on quote is the fifth ingredient then it’s blackberry leaves hibiscus peaches citric acid and paprika for color. Although the first ingredient is Orange Peel so you would think it would be stronger but after that it’s rosehip switching over my old Hawthorne don’t know what that is and then we’re back to where we started.It’s got a nice color, and the color actually stays the second time you apply hot water to the bag. Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Wild Berry Zinger

All right, I am starting to notice a theme Here. The ingredients for black for wild berry Zinger are hibiscus, rose hips, roasted chicory, Orange Peel, blackberry leaves, before they get into any of the specific flavor is that this blend is named after. Starting to sound familiar that seems to be the primary stuff of each of these in the fruit sampler pack.
Well beyond that there are a variety of natural flavors. No idea what substance constitutes natural flavors, but they are of black raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, red raspberries, cranberries and cherries with other natural flavors and citric acid. And no, black raspberries and blackberries. I’ve picked them both growing wild and I can see and taste the difference.

Black Cherry Berry

And finally we have a somewhat more predictable number the black cherry berry and it’s got sit with me now hibiscus, roasted, roasted chicory, blackberry leaves, Hawthorne, natural black cherry flavor with other natural flavors, chamomile and sweet cherries. The last two are certainly surprising. I would not have thought that black chick that’s sweet cherries would be the very last. Because even on the second cup the same bag still taste very very sweet. Not to mention a very very cherry. Ingredients the stuff at the front. Then there is the issue of me not normal. I am not a cherry guy. But a are you really like this one and I’d be happy to have some again. Even a whole box and not just some from a sampler.

Discounts for Jon Talbain cosplay pieces

End of season clearance sale save up to 80%

So it comes to this, an online shopping article.  For Darkstalkers cosplay.  Those who know me know I’m a HUGE fan of Darkstalkers (called Vampire in it’s native Japan).  In fact my earliest designs on the FandomFoodie brand were to create original recipes based on Darkstalkers.  For those holding out for my Dmitri Maximoff Marshmallow Squares flavored with Demon’s Blood, keep waiting.  I have a ways to improve in the kitchen.

But something else that’s been tickling me between the ears has been how to whip together cosplay for them.  After Halloween, various costume shops (especially the ones focusing specifically on Halloween itself) will have massive discounts to move their remaining stock.  So for costuming over the rest of the year, this provides a good way to fill in the gap.  Now who to apply this to?  I’m rather partial to Morrigan and Felicia (how original) and Ruby Heart and possibly Wraith (see my fan theory: Boy, I really do like the obscure properties, don’t I?

But the one who really tickles my inspiration is their Bruce Lee Clone, Jon Talbain.  He was a constantly shirtless werewolf before Taylor Lautner was ever onscreen.

As you can see, his only articles of clothing are pants and belt from his training gi.  Those are easy enough to get anywhere else, so we’ll focus on the werewolf aspects here.


Jon Talbain has Nunchucks, but they only appear in one Special move (Million Flicker) and one of his victory stances.  But those are very hard to spot, so you would do well to get the cheapest/sturdiest model, or maybe you want to save some money and really rev up the gothic charm, try the Mace of Fury.  Slightly smaller, slightly cheaper, much more metal, but not literally.  It’s made of plastic too.

But if you want to capture the look of his Million Flicker, Light-Up Ninja Nunchucks ( ) are currently marked down to $7.49.  Honestly, my worry is the silver chord being less durable for long term use then plastic chains.


There aren’t a lot of products that extend quite as far as Jon’s nails, but these should at least convey the general exaggerated beastly feel:

But these are the closest to the length of his nails.  I’m not sure how that would effect handling nunchucks, but they can be painted to better resemble Jon.  Not a lot of the gloves have that going for them.

Now here’s a bargain for you.  $28 gets you mask AND hands.


Speaking of masks, moves the jaws, capturing the speaking motions Western gaming’s Favorite Werewolf makes.

For a cheap mask, try this metallic number, orginal price less than 10.


And finally, the only tail I found:

Now if you wanted to be really affordable, you could just go along with his human form.  Begins at 1:33.  Just need a wig, nunchucks, and a LOT of time at the gym.

Banquet Brand Backyard BBQ

After reading articles like “” and “” I was compelled to seek out the cheapest microwave meals I could find at the store.  And while these “Banquet” (putting it loosely there) was the 2nd cheapest option, it was definitely the cheapest “entire” meal.  Except for their Mega Meals, all of these cost only a dollar before tax, making them a much better buy than the next brand which for $0.88 offers less than half the food.  In general, I found them too be so salty it was troubling.  But easy (at least for my dollar) to stockpile.

Mash potatoes still have more air pockets than a piece of pumice in the corps and I’ve had many times before, only thing to talk about is the barbecue. The meat itself was ground up and shaped, pretty soft, pretty tender.
Which is good, because I was afraid I would have to deal with bones. One reason why tend to hold off on eating barbecue, is the bones and the meat I lose when it sticks and bones and just won’t leave. Typical it’s just a little scraps, but I don’t have to worry about that here, so yeah.
The sauce is the real star here or you Smokey but still quite sweet with a definite lingering afterburn that I can still feel as I dictate this. And there was plenty of leftovers of the sauce just good they didn’t serve it dry, particularly. That meant I could roll up the mashed potatoes and corn in it, and I say I be more of a gravy man if gravy tasted like this.

Fred Meyer Dessert Yogurt

While getting a Kroger deal on store brand yogurt, I noticed 3 Fred Meyer dessert flavors.  One more way I see store brands showing a lot of variety to really compete with national brands beyond just being a little cheaper.  Naturally my curiosity was piqued.
Cinnamon roll tasted more like cream cheese infused with cinnamon than actual yogurt.  Although on a second tasting, I can detect faint notes of actual yogurt.
The blueberry muffin flavor was like if someone had tried to instill muffin flavor into a blueberry flavored yogurt. Blueberry flavored and then afterwards flavored again. It didn’t work that well in my opinion, and I am unimpressed. I’ll just get a blueberry flavored yogurt next time. I was actually wondering if it was going to be a muffin flavored yogurt, with blueberries at the bottom to stir up like an actual blueberry muffin. In a baking class once I was warned don’t Mash Up the blueberries when you’re making muffins, because then you’re just going to turn them blue. It’s like someone had for gotten that important step in the baking process, even though this is not a baked product.
Black forest cake was rather interesting. The initial taste was in determinants as opposed chocolates was something of an influence, but I did not see it when I was looking through ingredients I still don’t. But what I did see, was that a cherries where the 6th ingredient. And a picture features Cherry filling when between the two pieces of actual cake.
So in hindsight, the only one of these three I would purchase again to consume is the cinnamon roll. I actually did not have as high as expectations for that. The packaging was deceitful. I had no expectations for the black forest cake, I got it as an afterthought so I could round things up to a nice 3, I had no idea how you were going to make cinnamon roll flavored yogurt, certainly not a palatable one. And I was actually expecting blueberry muffin to work the best.